Whatsapp For Android – How To Work Message Forward

Till today, we have familiar ourselves for the significant features of the WhatsApp Android and how it has covered the market. So, be preparing for today as we are going to explain you how to use message forward in WhatsApp Android.
We all know well about the vast features of the WhatsApp Messenger. And that is the main reason of its popularity on universal platform; however, many of are not aware of how to use features of WhatsApp Android.

Today, here we familiar you regarding how to use the feature of forward messenger in WhatsApp Android.

So, first question in our mind is that What is message forward? . It means whatever your message in conversation of with WhatsApp Messenger chat partner that you can share with different platform to you other friends who are using Whatsapp for Android and not using as well. However, one can forward this message to multiple contacts at a time. So, this feature eliminates your need to re-write message for forwarding.

Now second question that How to forward WhatsApp message?.

To forward the WhatsApp Messenger message one need to select the message first. Once, you have selected the message then in next step select the option for message forwarding. These options are available on your screen you just need to select. However, once you have selected the option for the message forward you will be able to get the list of your contacts on the screen so, very smartly now you just need to select the contact to which you want to forward that message.

As you select the contact, your message will be immediately forwarded to the contact just in pinch time. However, this step by step point you can use to share any WhtasApp message. So, forget about the re-wring of the messages and forward your messages in pinch time with message forward feature of WhatsApp For Android.

Now, I think you are wondering about how to this message forward is differing from copy-paste, am I right? So, here is the answer of your question.
In case of copy and paste then sending, firstly you need to copy the message then after need to select the contact to which you are intent to forward the message. Then after you need to paste and lastly you will be able to send the message.
So, just compare these both process message forward and copy-paste sending, you will clear see the difference how its easy with WhatsApp Android.