What Is The VMWare Horizon View

If you are interested in making your workload easy, then the VMWare Horizon View is one workstation that you should try out. Formerly called “VMware View”, this desktop virtualisation solution simplifies desktop management by centralizing all users data in the remote server allowing the user to access their data virtually anywhere. Access is made easier as the data is stored in servers powerful enough so that users with thin clients (low-cost devices) will no longer need to be powerful in order to access these data.

Benefits of VMWare Horizon View

Using desktop virtualization software has its advantages; however, here are some advantages of VMWare that are distinct from other desktop solutions.

Security. One of the advantages of the VMWare is the fact that you can restrict access to sensitive information to prevent files from being copied. As all data is sent to the virtual server, information can be obtained without copying the whole files. Some parts of the information may also be put into restricted access; as such, only those who have passwords can obtain the information.

Up-time. As the data is located in the virtual server, one can do data backup or updates without having to consider whether the computers of users are turned on or not. This saves time as well as prevents any downtime that many companies experience especially during updates or patches which can take up quite some time as well. Administrators can just logged in to the virtual server and upload the updates without having to physically visit each workstation.

Convenience. Another thing about the desktop software is the fact that it is convenient as most consoles are already included in the interface dashboard so one can check for details without having to switch from one window to another. For administrators for example, the users group, inventory, configurations are all located in one dashboard so they can easily check the users currently in session as well as data stored in the server. They can also allocate spaces for each user in the interface. The fact that one can integrate these with cloud enables user data flexibility.

Independence. As licensing of operating systems tend to be expensive especially if you have to constantly buy upgrades, virtual desktops such as the VMWare is cost effective. You can install a licensed OS to the virtual desktop and still use that desktop on other computers that have a different OS.