We Love These Top Paid Android Applications

There are so many wonderful free Android apps; why would you choose to purchase an app? There are quite a few reasons to choose a paid Android application over one of the free apps. Free applications do not usually have as much to offer the user as the paid Android applications. Many of the free apps that you find are basically trial versions of paid apps. It can be hard to find the top paid Android applications. There are so many paid apps that choosing the best can be hard! How will you ever decide which apps are the best value for the money you pay? Read on to learn which paid apps are the best.

If you are trying to get in better shape, the Fit Sync paid app is a must buy. When you buy this application you are buying roughly fifty fitness plans, hundreds of workout plans and thousands of workout videos. You can also use this application to track your progress each day and week as you workout.

If you want, you can even publish your workout progress to your website or favorite social networks by using the Fit Sync widgets (it also hooks directly into Facebook). Jewellust is one of the most popular paid game applications for the Android phone. You move some jewels, compile mosaic tiles and adventure through the ancient Pyramids in an undertaking to discover the Pharaoh’s caches of good fortune. While figuring out the game, you play in “Campaign” mode. Once you become more advanced at playing the game, you can play in “Survival” mode. This gives you an infinite amount of play-time and keeps track of your score for each game you play. Game applications can be a great distraction while you are waiting somewhere or when you discover some free time.

There are some who insist that game applications shouldn’t cost anything.

If you want a great game app, the Air Hockey for Android app is less than a dollar. Many people find that they quickly lose interest in most game apps. In this case though, well, who doesn’t love a game of Air Hockey? When you visit the Android Market you will see that the Air Hockey app is the most popular. It holds its popularity even when you compare it to the free app market. You can buy it for less than a dollar. Why not give it a chance?

Trying to decide between all of the different paid Android applications can be difficult. Most smart phone users are wary about shopping in the paid app market and won’t do it unless they can’t find what they want in the free app section.

Believe it or not, sometimes the paid apps are actually worth their sales prices. Remember, apps are supposed to make your life a little easier and to keep you entertained. Don’t you think a couple bucks is fair for all of that?

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