VXA Media Tape Storage Alliance

Thanks to the innovative VXA tape technology, the need for highly mechanized elements has been replaced by simple and fewer components. The components used in VXA tape format help to maintain high resistance and tolerance against pressure and heavy work loads. These features of VXA media tape assure greater reliability, increased performance level and efficient media recording. VXA media tapes are very cost efficient. VXA is the only media recording format that features Reed Solomon ECC (error correction code). This ECC features comprises of four levels. Error correction code mechanism improves the media reliability of VXA tape technology up to 180 times more than the other traditional tape technologies. Therefore, the users can accurately recover their information even if the VXA backup tape is completely damaged.

VXA tape format is incorporated with innovative features to withstand the rigors of automation and high volume backups. VXA data tape technology has brought new class of high quality, full featured and highly economical tape automation products into the backup tape market. VXA tape technology has been developed keeping in view the current and future demands of the departmental and SMB data storage markets. Worlds most prominent data media manufacturing companies are the members of the VXA tape alliance. VXA tape alliance provides information to the customers of SMB & departmental market. It also organizes seminars and other promotional campaigns to educate the organizations about the unique attributes and breakthrough features of VXA packet tape technology. The mission of the VXA alliance is to deliver all the up-dated information about the unique VXA tape format to the customers.

Digital data packet is a highly reliable and advantageous new technique introduced by Exabyte in VXA format that delivers unparalleled performance and increased data integrity. That is why the VXA backup tapes are more robust and reliable to precisely recover information in case of any tape damage or disaster. Autoloaders and tape drives based on the VXA technology have been adopted by leading OEMs which includes Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Apple, Fujitsu Ltd. and International Business Machines IBM. A definite endorsement has been provided by all these leading OEMs pertaining to platform of VXA backup tape as new standard in tape media class.

Advanced metal evaporated technique ensures tape longevity and improved data integrity in VXA backup tapes. Numerous breakthrough features employed by Exabyte in the VXA format have reduced its operational costs and heightened the output frequency and reliability. Packet technology has substantially reduced the error rates in VXA data tape format. The over-scanning system also has been enhanced in VXA tape which has virtually eliminated the problem of data loss. The robust architecture of VXA tape format has contributed to reduce the cost as the dependency on the assembly and other precision elements has been decreased. The VXA tape drive controls its speed with the help of the new technique called the “variable speed operation”. This technique matches the actual transfer speed of the host system that helps to eliminate the problem of backhitching.