Vnx Solutions Expert Exam For Technology Architects

This examination E20-880 is a determining examination for the VNX Technology Architects Professional track.
This examination concentrates on VNX Specific efficiency. Additional focus is on incorporation of VNX with other key technologies: VMware, Oracle, MS Return Hosting server, and MS SQL Hosting server.

EMC provides free exercise assessments to evaluate your knowledge in planning for the examination. Practice assessments allow you to become acquainted with the subjects and question kinds you will find on the proctored examination. Your results on an exercise analyze offer one sign of how prepared you are for the proctored examination and can emphasize subjects on which you need to study and practice further. A moving ranking on the exercise analyze does not assurance a moving ranking on the qualifications examination.

Exam Topics

Topics likely to be protected on this examination include:

VNX Specific Performance

1.VNX Specific efficiency descriptions
2.Block and Data file efficiency resources for research and problem solving
3.Performance significances of different hard drive and RAID kinds
4.VNX Data file AVM performance
5.Block efficiency concerns of FAST VP and FAST Storage cache
6.Performance effect of Data file features such as SnapSure, Replicator, and Data De-duplication
7.Performance significances of using SnapView, SAN Duplicate, and MirrorView

VNX Specific Storage space Integration with VMware vSphere Best Methods

1.Explain general guidelines for VMware virtualized surroundings
2.Discuss the guidelines for ESXi server surroundings
3.Explain the guidelines for VNX storage surroundings
4.Explain guidelines for VMware Visitor OS surroundings
5.Articulate about the guidelines for a VMware Exclusive Facilities management

VNX Specific Storage space Incorporation with MS SQL Hosting server Best Methods

1.Optimal LUN structure for SQL Elements on the Physical Hard drive
2.Optimal RAID structure depending on SQL component kind
3.Architecture of material topology that provides SQL components maximum reaction periods
4.Best practices when applying SQL Hosting server on a VNX range
5.Measuring and measurement the maximum variety of spindles/RAID groups/LUNs for a given SQL Hosting server structure
6.Optimal SQL structure using tools such as Perfmon and SQL Query Analyzer
7.Best practices for applying SQL Hosting server in a virtualized environment for virtual machine, CPU, memory and disk templates

VNX Specific Storage space Incorporation with MS Return Best Methods

1.Sizing an Return Hosting server 2010 data source for performance and capacity on a VNX range
2.Best practices and considerations when applying FAST Storage cache and Storage space Regularly on VNX arrays
3.Best practices for backup and recover of Return 2010 directories and Database Accessibility Categories using EMC Duplication Manager 5.4 and VNX Clones/Snaps
4.Site resiliency options for Return Hosting server 2010 depending on RPO/RTO requirements

VNX Specific Storage space Incorporation with Oracle Best Methods

1.Optimal LUN structure for Oracle Elements
2.Guidelines for Oracle Execution with VMware
3.Optimal RAID structure depending on Oracle Object kind
4.Best practices for RM/SE in Oracle implementations
5.Fabric Topology that provides maximum reaction periods for Oracle components
6.Best practices when applying an Oracle application on VNX
7.Measuring and measurement the maximum variety of spindles/RAID groups/LUNs for a given Oracle structure