Try a new full-featured, powerful podcast player for your Android device!

MyPOD Podcast free is a full-featured, powerful podcast player for your Android device. There is a wealth of information delivered via podcasting these days, and you need a powerful podcast player to handle all those feeds. The goal of MyPOD is to increase the use of podcasting, and provide you with better tools to use the free content available. It is designed to handle lot of feeds, and adding feeds to your list is a simple process. The app automatically updates and downloads podcasts, and keeps you up to date with all your favorite audio or video podcasts. Ten podcasts are included at any one time. Click on the “Downloaded files” icon to manage the downloaded podcasts.

MyPOD Podcast has an integrated dual player for listening to voice and music simultaneously. There are two players, one in the foreground and one in the background. For most functions short press goes to the foreground player, while a long press takes you to the background player. MyPOD Podcast easily integrates with your home computer. You can manage it remotely from your desktop using browser and WiFi. You can also download and stream podcasts on your device to other media players and consoles. The automatic space management feature lets you choose the amount of space you want to use. Click on the “playlist” icon to manage your playlist.

MyPOD Podcast is loaded with a number of distinctive features. It also has an extensive help section (which includes a help video) to help you learn how to use all the available features. You can access all the features available right from the home screen, MyPOD Podcast lets you track all your podcast history, as well as share downloaded content through its built-in server. Username/password (401) support is available for paid feeds. You can Import/Export OPML, as well as import from Google reader. Click on the “Settings” icon to access the settings menu, and change applications settings, as well as links for feedback and check for updates. MyPOD Podcast free is the best podcast app available in the market for podcast junkies.


– Integrated dual player for listening to voice & music simultaneously
– Automatic update and download of podcasts, all fully configurable
– Integrated browser for finding feeds and music
– Remote management from desktop (using browser and WiFi)
-Tracking for all podcasts listened to & history
– Import/Export OPML
– Import from Google reader
– Automatic space management
– Android widget.