Top rated android phones 2013

With the collapse of Nokia symbian empire, the Microsoft-dominant windows phone8 doesn’t have a much effect, and the hottest are the Apple-dominant iOS system and Android system. Due to the fact that Google’s Android system gained the support of manufacturers from both China and abroad, Android surpassed Apple IOS system and become the largest cell phone operation system in just a few years. And among the android arms, various manufacturers try all that they can to attract the attention of the consumers.
In the following are the top rated android phones 2013:
1, Bbk vivo X1
2, Samsung i9300
3, Xiaomi 1S
4, Samsung i9220
5, HTC One X
6, Xiaomi M1
7, Motorola XT910 MAXX
8, LG P880
9, Huawei D1
10, Sony LT26II
After the above top rated android phones 2013, we can see that the android system is very popular, no matter the high end cell phones or the medium cell phones, Android cell phones occupy the first place steadily, whoever you are, there will be a model of cell phone that suits you best, so hurry to buy one from the above top rated android phones 2013.