The Windows Mobile Cell Phone Models

HTC Touch HD2

RAM: 576MB

There is no doubt, HTC must be with high memory phones to run large, as android and eat RAM, and Windows Mobile is big. The Windows Mobile models which currently only HTC Leo reached this standard, of course, more people know he has a name HD2! Some may question the HD2 is not a 448MB memory to run it? Since the earliest European version and the version of the Asian region, this value is not announced, but in fact the U.S. version cell phones specifications RAMS 576MB and ROM 1GB. But also in practical applications the performance of the cell phone is very powerful; from the public until now have been the majority of users of all ages.

HTC HD2 predecessor Touch HD with a similar shape but because of their straight black color is thicker, rounded body edges done deal, smooth texture drawing lines to the younger generation, leaving its steady business style can be perfect interpretation. HTC HD2 has a 121 67 11.4 mm measurements for size, thickness 12mm let us no small surprise, looking from behind the charm is also quite iphone, fashion taste full. Screen area is equipped with 4.3-inch multi-touch capacitance screen. Resolution of the WVGA-level, the effect is outstanding. HTC HD2 equipped with the latest Windows Mobile6.5 Professional operating system, 1GHz frequency Qualcomm MSM8250 processor, with 512MB ROM and 320MB RAM, 207MB storage space around, and can be extended through micro SD memory cards to 32GB storage space.

HTC HD2 wireless network capabilities to support GSM / GPRS / WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless local area network capabilities, while not imagine multimedia entertainment functions are called powerful, built-in windows media player, the cell phone ( very cheap cell phones ) also supports mainstream multimedia file playback, and support the practical 3.5mm headphone jack, compatible with a variety of audio and video format playback

This HTC HD2 has a superior performance; absolute is the WM series of opponents King. Has the strongest processor and realistic effects, put aside the phone function HD2 is a smaller section of the Internet in this, as a cell phone known as the favorite of HD2 indeed deserved. Although the configuration is very powerful, but after the market turns baptism, the aircraft price is currently only 3,299 Yuan, cost-effective is high. From: wholesale cell phones from China