The Iphone Newsstand – Read All About It

An iPhone newsstand is an application that has been developed to enable easy searching of information using a map query interface. It has a special store to buy and download magazine and newspaper issues and put them in order on a virtual bookshelf. It basically allows users to easily access magazine and newspapers through an iPhone application. Usually, the iPhone newsstand looks and function more or less like an ibookstore, which sells e-books and stores them in an ibook application. It also allows the user to get a new place on the App Store for the newspapers and magazines. It actually allows you to skim headlines from a rack of newspapers and magazines thus also called a news rack.

Easy To Read

One good thing about the newsstand is that it has a clean interface besides having an easy-to-read standard outlook which displays your subject folders and feeds. The entire new edition, once it is published, will be downloaded to you automatically through the iphone newsstand, the moment you subscribe to the publication.

It is with no hesitation that the iPhone development teams have created an app for the users, especially the ones that are familiar with the ibook routines though it is obviously designed to make the consumer spend more. If you want to read any publication, then you are only required to double-click the tap and the publication will be opened with all the stories on the left hand side. The headlines of current stories are normally highlighted in yellow. After you are through with the reading, just tap the “X” in the lower right of the screen to return to the newsstand.

Organizing Your Feeds

Organizing feeds in this iPhone application is simply done by creating the folders and adding feeds with a few taps of the button. The Newsstand app tries to change the overabundance of individual newspaper and magazine apps with a central hub with which all newspaper and magazine subscriptions and purchases are managed on the iPhone.


The key features of an iPhone newsstand include the ability to share the information via twitter, email or It also has the ability to organize the feeds into folders and it also allows feeds to be discovered automatically. Besides, the iphone newsstand is able to allow the subscriptions to be imported from Bloglines, OPML files or Google Reader. One main advantage of a newsstand is that it acts as a standalone RSS reader by allowing the user to import feeds data from different sources without synchronizing with any online client or desktop. Moreover, the iPhone newsstand also can let the user to download the newspaper or magazine and read it later even when offline. The feeds that the user can get covers a variety of topics and includes feeds like the New York Times, BBC news, Engadget, Wired, Lifehacker, and the Dilbert comic site. If the user can just carry on with feeds on the iPhone, then the newsstand may be a suitable solution but if he or she is a heavy feeds user on a desktop as well, this may be a deal breaker.