The Future Of Mobile Communications is Wifi and VOIP Technology

Two of the most exciting areas in the field of mobile technology are WiFi and VOIP, two of the fastest growing segments in the communications industry today. Almost daily one can find new stories pertaining to one of these and how forward thinking companies are embracing the technology and building upon it.

It seems that governments and communications companies all over the world are beginning to see the opportunity presented by WiFI technology. Ruckus Wireless and KDDI, Japans main telecommunications provider, announced on July 5th of 2011 that they were partnering to bring coast to coast WiFi for the nation of Japan. According to the press release from Ruckus, “Subscribers of KDDIs packet flat rate plans can now use the new KDDI “au Wi-Fi SPOT” service free of charge with their au Android smartphones in over 10,000 locations initially, scaling to 100,000 locations by March 2012.”

Barbados announced recently in Caribbean 360 that the island nation would have free nationwide WiFi coverage by 11-11-11, thanks to the work of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation or BEF and their work with the government and communications companies to make this long time dream a reality for the Caribbean island nation with many others intending to follow suit. Damian McKinney, CEO of McKinney Rogers, a partner in the initiative, said they wanted the coverage everywhere, “from bus stop to rum shop.” McKinney said that the initiative to provide free nationwide WiFi across the country was spurred into action by the tremendous burden and turmoil arising from the economic recession affecting so many countries.

In yet another exciting development, the IEEE announced earlier today, August 1, 2011, that the organization has published the IEEE 802.22TM standard. IEEE 802.22 systems will provide broadband access to wide regional areas around the world and bring reliable and secure high-speed communications to under-served and un-served communities. According to the IEEE press release issued this morning, this new standard for Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs) takes advantage of the favorable transmission characteristics of the VHF and UHF TV bands to provide broadband wireless access over a large area up to 100 km from the transmitter. Each WRAN will deliver up to 22 Mbps per channel without interfering with reception of existing TV broadcast stations, using the so-called white spaces between the occupied TV channels. This technology is especially useful for serving less densely populated areas, such as rural areas, and developing countries where most vacant TV channels can be found.

On the VOIP side of the communications technology coin, there has also been big news of late, not the least of which was the purchase of Skype, the internet VOIP company, by software giant, Microsoft for nearly nine billion dollars. Although the move by Gates and company was initially somewhat surprising to some in the industry, it did serve as a wakeup call to the communications industry that changes are coming. Google is also getting in on the action and according to sources the company is seeking to expand its Google Voice platform across mobile devices. The social networking behemoth, Facebook also released a statement in July that their Facebook Mobile network is being phased in to allow members of Facebook to be able to talk to each other via mobile devices.

These are incredibly exciting times for the mobile communications industry with amazing advancements being made in the field that will change the way the entire world communicates by giving consumers more freedom and making wireless costs more affordable to everyone.

One company that seems to be at the forefront of both of these areas of mobile technology is debt free and innovative, Smart Mobile Wireless, a communications company and app developer that is blazing new trails in mobile technology with their cutting edge mobile communications apps, Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mobile, and Smart Mouth Kids Mobile. According to a spokesman for the company, Smart Mobile Wireless offers the first cross platform, flat rate, unlimited international calling application in the mobile communications industry and at a rate of only $19.95 USD per year for unlimited international calling Im sure they are going to get plenty of attention!

Unlimited local and worldwide calling is only one of the features of these groundbreaking applications, they also feature unlimited texting, an all in one instant messenger management interface featuring Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, and even Facebook Chat! These communications and social networking apps also allow you to send tweets to Twitter within the same app as well! When you install the app it automatically imports all of your devices contacts and designates those who also have one of the Smart Mobile Wireless apps installed by placing an icon beside their name.

These amazing mobile communications apps allow one to use WiFi to make unlimited calls anywhere on the planet, you can even transform your iPad or even your iPod Touch into a phone and enjoy virtually unlimited communication via WiFi and VOIP technology! In addition, the company is releasing a new mobile WiFi device that will be known as the Smart Mouth Hotspot which will give you the ability to carry an iPhone sized device giving you WiFi access in your pocket anywhere you go!

The unlimited international calling features and cross platform functionality are due out the first part of August of 2011 with version 1.3, currently version 1.2 of any of the Smart Mobile Wireless apps, is supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with free member to member calling and texting and is available forfree download at the iTunes Store. Get more detailed information of the groundbreaking applications at the sites below.