The Different Types Of Otter Iphone Cases For The Iphone 4.

If you are looking to purchase an Otter iPhone Case, there are multiple styles of casing that Otter iPhone cases come in. Due to fact they can be quite costly, we decided to write a article on the different types of Otter iPhone cases. Hopefully this will inform you on which Otter iPhone case is best for your particular needs.

1. The OtterBox “Defender” series: The Otter iPhone case called the Defender, is the prominent case of the brand. Indeed the most expensive, this case is quite literally a tank for your iPhone. Falling short of gunfire, the damage this amazing case can survive outperforms the majority of cases on the market. The big drawback to this Otter iPhone case is the casing carries a great deal of bulk in size, and feels like carrying a brick in your pocket. If are looking for something tough, but yet with amazing button function and clear screen which will not require replacing, this case help prevent you from the agony of replacing a destroyed iPhone. However, if you are the more careful type and will not be throwing your iPhone around, we recommend pocketing a few bucks and looking at one of the other effective Otter iPhone cases which provide some solid quality as well. This Otter iphone case retails at a whopping $49.95.

2. The OtterBox “Commuter” Series: Next in line we come to the Commuter. This Otter iPhone case provides less protection than its older brother the “Defender”, but makes up for it’s short coming in its overall cost and functionality. This case we think is a better option suited for an individual perhaps less mobile and do not have the inherent danger of damage to their iPhone. In truth this case could more than take that type of punishment, it provides significantly less protection in its armor. It’s strong point is in its size, as it is much more manageable and much of the bulk is tolerable. We would recommend this case to individuals whom are active but know that their phone will not be under very harsh conditions. Out of 4 Otter iPhone cases we tried on our devices, this would be the front runner we think is the overall best fit for the typical user in regard to its balance of casing with comfort. This Otter iPhone case is the available at a more reasonable price of $34.95.

3. The OtterBox “Impact” Series: These Otter iPhone Cases are quite a bit different than the two. They offer protection against what we would consider “minor” damage.The casing is indeed simpler as the design just involves the implementation of silicon with an added shock coil in the silicon for shock absorption. Different than other Otter iPhone cases, this model doesn’t have a polycarbonate shell. It’s the most simple case in its collection. Personally, of all the Otter iPhone cases, we felt this to be the weakest of the Otter iPhone case series. The retail price on this Otter iPhone case is $19.95 and it is apparent you get what you pay for.

4. The OtterBox “Reflex” Series: Out of the Otter iPhone cases, we feel this is the most distinguished of the lot. This unique case is crafted of a single layer dual density material (polycarbonate molded with TPE rubber) with a supposed recoil technology to protect against a drop or taking a hit. Engineered from using air pockets in its design, the case is made to maintain its form and does a good job defending the iPhone. This Otter iPhone case provides a great deal of protection without becoming bulky in the process. The only real problem we found with it is the manufacturer’s retail price of $44.95.

So, out of all the different Otter iPhone cases, each all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Our choices were the Reflex and Commuter series, However these may not be the right choice for you. In conclusion we hope this was resourceful to you, and best of luck finding your perfect case your iPhone!