Technology – A Threat To Children

Because of the widening range of our technological equipments nowadays, leaving children alone in their houses can be considered as a threat to their future. These technological devices such as the television, computer, radio, cellular phones and video games which are usually sources of information, communication and recreational activities can be couriers of violence to the young minds.

The contents of the television nowadays are more devastating and excruciating than ever and at any period of the day, a child can turn it on and view violence, obscene languages and malicious acts. These scenes can be seen in almost every channel including those so-called children’s networks. Even the news programs, though it is not their intention, also portray several indecent scenes. These news may be political news, business news,
insurance news or even sports and all of these can cause a slight change on an innocent child’s way of thinking.

The computer and internet which are very helpful upon giving information mostly about businesses, insurance quotes, company profiles and other things, when used in a wrong manner can be extremely dangerous too. Malicious websites, intense videos of rampages and even the people whom they chat with are absolutely portals of evil that continuously pollute their minds and add up to the main sources of cruelty.

The cellular phones which are greatly known for their contribution in making communication easier can brainwash the minds of children in many ways. The modern way of text messaging, for example, weakens the child’s mind upon determining the correct spelling of a certain word or worst, can be used upon exchanging impertinent languages without their parents knowing.

Considering these facts, a single question pops out of our minds, “what can we do to save them from the world’s wickedness?” It is almost impossible to stop these gadgets and equipments from reaching the young minds so what is the best thing to do? A lot of studies say that parental guidance is really the major answer for this question. If it’s possible, never leave your child alone at home because if you do, they will become more exposed to these threats. Accompany them while watching movies, television shows, surfing the net or even if they are just listening to the radio. Stay on the look out for violence and other harmful scenes and always get ready to explain to them what they actually are and that they should never be influenced by those things.

Family bonding is also one good solution. Rather than allowing our child to go out and play with other kids, try to think of amusing and enjoyable things to do together. Remember that a harmonious family relationship plays a big role upon nurturing the child’s way of thinking and outlook in life.