Uncover Some Important Information About Kindle Fire

The way we read today has been revolutionized by the arrival of the Kindle wireless reading device in the computing industry. Kindle was developed by Amazon in 2007 and since its development; online reading has never been the same. Using Kindle to read has made reading feel cool.

IPods are for MP3 while Kindle’s are for e-books. It is not only limited to e-books but it can also read magazines and newspapers or any reading materials that are supported by the device. Reading blogs is one of the functions of a Kindle. The use of Kindle, as they say, can help protect the planet since it saves a lot of papers used for printing.

Kindle has several features that can entice a number of readers. Just like online books sold on the Internet, it offers trial reading that allows the users to decide if they will purchase the e-book or not. By using the 3G network of Amazon called Whispernet, one can download books anytime even without the availability of a computer or Internet. Newer models even allow connectivity via Wi-Fi or 3G at the same time. Other features of Kindle include a text-to-speech function and a non glare screen that lets the user read even in a very bright environment.

Within a span of four years, Amazon released several Kindle versions. Amazon released the Kindle First Generation which is the only model that has an expandable memory card. Unlike the first release, the second generation does not have an expandable memory slot but it has an internal memory of 2GB. Kindle DX Graphite does not have a wireless connection. The third generation of Kindle had the wireless connection installed. It also has 3G connections. The user can also choose from two colors graphite and classic white. It is also on this model that the e-ink was introduced where the prints are almost the same as that on paper.

The latest family of Kindles is the fourth generation models. It has three versions: Kindle, Kindle touch and Fire. All versions of the fourth generation, utilize the e-ink display. Its size is smaller than earlier models. The physical keyboard was then changed into an on-screen keyboard, thus making the screen look bigger. Kindle Touch has an internal memory of 4GB and battery life can last up to two months. The only Android-based is the Kindle Fire. It is also the first of the Kindle family to have a colored display which enhances reading satisfaction. Unfortunately, this particular model does not have a 3G feature.

Where to buy Kindle devices? One can order it straight from the Amazon site. One can be sure that they sell authentic models since they manufacture it. eBay is also one website where you can find Kindle devices at a bargain price especially if it is sold as a second hand device.