Buy a Cell Phone – Complete Mobile Phone Shopping Guide

Nothing in the history of human technology has gained as much popularity or necessity as the cell phone other than maybe the personal computer. They allow you to be in contact all of the time anywhere in the world (providing you have reception). You can do more than just talk these days. These phones let you surf the web, play games, text, and even send and read email. Digging through the many service plans and accessories can be a very difficult task for even most veteran users. Read on to learn how to get the perfect service plan and phone for your wireless needs.

Choosing to buy a cell phone and a service plan to match is going to take some research and some work, so do not expect to find your perfect match overnight. Cell phones are no longer just a convenient way to keep in touch audibly, they are a lot more since their first appearance in high tech culture. These days you may find yourself checking your e-mails, sending pictures and text messages, keeping track of your stocks or world news, editing and reading business documents, listening to your favorite MP3 songs, or adding new personal and business contacts via your laptop computer.

When shopping for a phone, your choice of wireless service can alter which type and model you will be using. A wise plan of action is to shop for your carrier first. Finding out the best coverage and monthly pricing plans for your area will make your experience with your phone more enjoyable. Remember, even the best phone will be worth squat to you if you do not have a good carrier. While some accessories will work with many models, most phones will work only with one mobile carrier due to the exclusivity of their networks. Most providers lock their phones so you are less likely to leave their wireless network so remember that the wireless network is your phone’s life support.


What is a smartphone? Basically it is a cell phone but with the added capability of running document type applications and comes with a alphabet keyboard style pad, usually it is the Qwerty. Aside from that, the smartphone has more memory and a larger screen for browsing the Internet and sending emails. As far as media goes, a smartphone is also a perfect way to watch movies, video, and listen to MP3s. Most smartphones are now also 3G phones.

3G Phones

3G cellular phones are basically third generation mobile technology phones that allow you to transmit data (Internet) in larger amounts at a much faster rate, 2 megabits to be exact. This is far faster than the original speeds previously available (19 kilobits per second). So if you have documents you need to send to your boss or associates, a large amount of email messages to send, need to surf the web for research, or need to send video or images often then this is the generation of phone you will be wanting to acquire.

While a 3G phone is a great technological advancement, a third generation phone is only going to be as good as the network it is on. As a matter of fact, some areas may not carry 3G services at all, so make sure to ask your dealer if your area can even take advantage of the data speeds.

Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all claim to carry the same data rates for their select 3G phones. The keyword spoken is “select”. Make sure you understand which phones will actually be compatible with the 3G networks and what speeds your actual phone can handle as well. You will want to ask if your phone is compatible with either the EvDO or HSDPA networks, if not, then you may want to seek out another phone that is.

GSM Phones

While there is a wireless standard for the United States, many countries will use additional wireless standards that can cause many problems for any US citizen traveling abroad with their US bought phone. GSM stands for the Global System for Mobile communications. If you plan to travel outside of the United States then you will want to entertain the possibility of owning a Quadband phone. Quadband means your phone runs off of four world frequencies being USA (850 Mhz and 1900 Mhz), Europe, and Asia.

If you plan to travel to rural areas within your own backyard (United States) then look into purchasing a tri-mode phone which can run off of an analog channel and two digital frequencies for additional coverage in in those low coverage areas.

Phone Body Styles

It is becoming where no one person has the same style of phone these days. They have different names such as the candy bar (phones that slide open from either the side, top, or bottom), the swivel (phones that twist to expose the phone functions), and the ever so common clamshell (flip phone). A quick tip to remember when choosing your phone style is that if your phone comes equipped with the keypad exposed on the outside, make sure it has a key lock. You do not want to be calling everyone under the sun while walking with your phone in your pocket.

Style vs. Function

Regardless of the newest trend or fad, make sure the style you choose is one that works for you. Testing the comfort of the phone against your ear is not commonly practiced, but you will find quickly you will have wished you had tested it once your ear gets sore and raw from your various hour long conversations. Also practice answering the phone to see how easy it is for you to operate and see the caller ID, having an easily accessible phone can help reduce unnecessary last minute stress when finding your phone in the first place. Although smartphones will add some bulkiness for talking, their keyboards are necessary for ease of many functions such as typing and web browsing. You may have to sacrifice some talking comfort. If you can find a medium between function and comfort, you may have found your match.


Newer phones can give you a lot of talk time compared to the cellular devices of the past. These days a phone can give you up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 14 days if used with a standby function. Remember, not all phones will have this lasting power but more and more are getting this power efficiency added to their battery life. It is important to remember though, that the higher the bandwidth your phone uses, the more battery life can be drained from your phone. Also remember that the more functions you use on your phone, the more battery life you can expect to use as well. Some phones have additional options such as larger capacity batteries for an additional charge, this may be an option you will need.

Phone Screens

Now if you plan to use your phone almost exclusively for phone calls then your screen shouldn’t be too much an issue. As long as you can see outgoing and incoming calls, you should be okay. If you plan on utilizing a 3G or higher device a larger screen will be necessary to properly view the web, emails, etc. Make sure you are able to tweak with the back light settings of your phone before you buy it to check it’s visibility under different lighting situations.

Touch Screens

While the concept of the touchscreen phone is relatively the same, not all touchscreens function the same. Some screens can register more than one touch activation at one time. This kind of screen is called a multi-touch. A multi-touch screen will let you manipulate an object while it is being touched such as swivel, twist, zoom, drag, etc. Single touch screens register one touch at a time with your finger and while it may seem less zesty, it can also help save you from accidentally doing more than you intended to. A good touchscreen phone should allow you to adjust sensitivity settings that work better with your own personal style, or should we say, personal touch.


If you are purchasing a smartphone then you will be running into what is called a Qwerty keyboard. These keyboards have the alphabet on them as well as punctuations to help type out emails and texts more efficiently. Qwerty usually comes as an addition to the dialing pad. Aside from smartphone keypads, make sure your numeric dialing pad is just as easy to use. Smaller buttons can tend to get in the way of each other causing miss dials. If you must sacrifice your dial pad for convenience of size, make sure your phone comes equipped with voice activated dialing. Obviously this will help you make calls easier, not to mention help you comply with local cell phone laws.

Operating Systems

If you are purchasing a smartphone then you will want to understand a little about the operating systems available. Just like your computer has an operating system, so does your phone. Here are the current operating systems: Windows Mobile OS, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Mac OS, Google Android

Palm OS: Good Productivity Software and Easy Learning Curve

Microsoft OS: Microsoft Office and Great Phone Compatibility

Symbian OS: Good Productivity Software but LessUser Friendly

Mac OS: Optional Paid Download Applications

Google Android: Optional Download Applications

Common Cellular Phone Features

Mobile phones come with all types of internal management features such as phone book, calendar, speed dial, call history, voice activated dialing, photo albums, dial pad lock, and more. As well, many phones come equipped with hardwired features such as speaker phone, cameras, and even walkie talkie features. As you can imagine, there are many additional options that you may want or need so pay close attention to features available with the phone you would like to buy and make sure it is going to perform all the tasks you require .


If you drive while using your phone or just prefer to not have your phone pressed up against your face throughout the day, a headset will be an accessory you will be wanting to have with yours. In many cases it will come with a headset, but if not you can pick up one for a fair price. Typical headsets are attached to a wire and in the case you don’t want wires make sure you get a bluetooth equipped phone for wireless conversations. Most smartphones come bluetooth equipped.

Choosing Your Cell Phone Provider

While many wireless carriers will boast in their commercials of their network reliability, only usage will tell. Ask friends and co-workers which networks they use for their phones and if you still are not sure go with a carrier that gives you a 30 day trial basis. The major carriers with the most vast networks are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and T-Mobile. It is suggested you go with one of these carriers for the best chance at getting reliable coverage.

Choosing Your Calling Plan

National calling plans are usually the best packaged deal, even if you use your phone locally. Always try to find a plan that offers free roaming, roaming charges can soar if you ever leave your network and many people don’t even know when they have so controlling roaming costs can be difficult. If you travel outside the country, international roaming is a package add-on must.

Choosing Your Data Plan

If you plan on using your phone for email and the web then a data plan is something you will want either bundled or added on to your monthly bill. Accessing the Internet without such a plan can run into the hundreds when charged by the minute and at a higher price.

Choosing Your Minutes

Free nights and weekends may have you thinking you need less minutes, but be warned, each carrier has their own definition of what “night time” is. Make sure you know when your calls are free and what time their weekends start and end. Pick a minute plan that goes over what you think you’ll use to spare yourself the bill of going over. Minutes go up in price once you max your limit. If the minute plans look to complex because of the amount of minutes, divide them by 60 to get the numerical equal in hours.

Your Contract

The best deals always come with the lengthier contract. 2-3 year contracts usually allow you to get the best calling plan as well as the best phones for less or free. While this may be the route you wish to go, remember that leaving earlier can be very costly when it comes to cancellation fees. If your phone is expensive, make sure to get a warranty and insurance plan for your phone so if anything happens to it, it can be replaced.

Replacing Your Home Phone?

If replacing your home phone then making sure your service will include E911 is going to be vital for obvious safety reasons. Ask your provider and inform them you are replacing you home phone.

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History Of The Word Gadget And Its Different Uses

Windows comprises of mini type of programs which is termed as gadgets. A gadget provides information immediately and extends facilities for easily accessing to tools which are used very frequently. For instance, one may use gadgets for displaying the slide show of picture or watching updated headlines continuously.

Why one should utilize desktop gadgets? Desktop gadgets have the capability for keeping information make available tools ready for using by anybody. As an example one can watch headlines for news just next to ones open programs. In this way if anybody wish to keep record of what is being projected in the news when anybody is working, one will not have to close ones windows for doing the same and can view the news headlines keeping ones windows in open condition. One can also use the feed headlines of the gadget for showing the latest headline news from the sources one chooses. One will not have to close working on ones document as the headlines will remain visible all the time. If anybody is interested for viewings any headline then one may click at that headline and the web browser directly open the contents of the headline.

A gadget is small type of technological object such as an appliance or a device which has a particular kind of function but very often it is thought as an unfamiliar type of thing. Gadgets are considered as cleverly or unusually designed in contrast to the normal type of technological objects when they were invented. The word gadget was originated in the nineteenth century. There is dispute about the etymology of the word gadget. A popular story behind the invention of the word gadget is that the company which constructed the Statue of Liberty built a mini type model of the monument and gave a name of the same in the name of their firm. However the evidence is contradicted with the reasoning that the word was used already previously in the nautical circle, and the fact was that it did not get popularity, in USA at least, till the end of the world war.

In regards other story for invention of the word gadget which is obtainable from the sources of other kind is that the French word gachette which relates to many pieces mechanism in connection with firing, or from the French word gagee which means a small type of accessory or a tool.

Find People by Cell Phone Number Choosing The Best And Most Updated Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

So you have been having problem trying to find people by cell phone number, and you have been reading up on reverse cell phone lookup, a strange new tool in the market in recent years. Here is how to go about choosing the best and most updated service to meet your needs for tracking identities of mobile phone owners.

Let us first do a quick demonstration on how to use the reverse cell phone lookup. Simply enter the number you wish to search on and the system will run a match with its database, presenting you with a full report of the owner details such as name, current or past addresses, location maps, etc. A more robust system can even provide you with in depth personal background information as well as criminal records.

Choosing the best and updated service would be a balance between the following inherent features.

The size of the database is critical to getting accurate and updated searches. A service with more than 200 million records covering the entire USA would be a sufficiently robust system for any user looking to find people by cell phone number accurately. To find out the size of the database involves searching on their internet site, searching online to find out whether the company is a leader of the pack.

The accuracy of the information is paramount to the user. To find out how accurate the reverse cell phone lookup is, you should enter a recently registered cell phone number and test the system. If the preliminary information generated shows relevant personal information on the phone owner, then the system is assumed to be sufficiently accurate.

Also, you should put the robustness of the system to the test. Enter your old cell phone number into the search box prompt and test if more information is provided. Most system should be able to trace current and old phone numbers a person owned and you should be able to trace the identity and other details of the person with their old cell phone numbers.

If you will be an active user of reverse cell phone lookups you should be signing up for the multiple search option instead of the single search one, as the former would gives you the flexibility of unlimited access to the system, any time at your own privacy and convenience. It also gives great value for money, only costing about 2 to 3 times the price of a single search.

Finally, do not forget to check with friends, colleagues and objective online review to find out the true usability and effectiveness of the systems in question.

All the above activities are very simple to carry out, yet it gives you great piece of mind, after having satisfied your strict expectations of reverse cell phone lookups system, hence allowing you to find people by cell phone number smoothly.

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DISH Network Remotes and Accessories

By availing DISH Network TV remotes and accessories, you will be able to manage your DVR from the ease and comfort of your own room. The clients of DISH Network can order Pay-Per-View movies and events by using your remote and can even run your DVR from your smart phone.

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New Unlimited Flat Rate Anytime Mobile Phone Service Compare Zoom Mobile Service Now

I have been watching some market trends lately that provide significant opportunity to prosper from and with the global economy such as it is these days, trends that show profitability are worth taking note of.

The money trend that has been showing a lot of growth for a number of months now is mobile services. Cell phones and cell phone companies that provide flat rate unlimited service plans and plans that are pay as you go ( widely known as PAYG service ) or prepaid calling plans are a trending services opportunity. Smartphone app downloads are another huge growth industry option to profit from.

Many smartphone users have experienced huge cell phone bills largely due to exceeding data caps. The major network carriers common data limitations are set for monthly cell phone service at 5g per month, exceed this and you are in for a shock. Mobile phone service plans that are more common to European subscribers than here in the United States, are the PAYG and prepaid plans.

It is not uncommon that many pay as you go plans have high per minute fees, should you exceed your service plan limits. An alternative to these types of mobile service plans are new on the cell phone scene and they not only provide superior services ( unlimited anytime calls USA, Canada & Puerto Rico, plus unlimited text and data.) No contract required, nor deposit and of course no credit check as the service is month to month and no early cancellation fee.

Along with the feature rich services provided ( contract agreements with major network carriers on the 3G network ), you can decide if you would like to be a customer or a reseller of the service. In either case you have the benefit of referring 3 new customer activations and your service plan is free. Refer three monthly service plans same as your mobile phone service plan, [or better] and you will not have to pay another monthly mobile phone bill again.

There are four monthly service plans to choose from starting with unlimited calls, and unlimited calls and text, unlimited calls, text and data, unlimited calls, text, data and tethering. Tethering feature for the service gives you the capability to use your smartphone as a wifi hotspot and eliminate the need for an air card. Simply start the tethering application on your smartphone and then connect your laptop to the internet-with broadband speeds.

For anyone interested in becoming an independent representative the other trend that is so important for you to be able to grow your business and increase sales without having to go out and sell mobile phone service plans is to activate a marketing campaign on the largest social media video sharing web site on the internet, YouTube. Having an advertising campaign for your business is easy and very affordable. YouTube advertising campaigns are new and the second trend I mentioned earlier in this article.

The advertising packages on YouTube work for any business that would like to receive inbound calls, sell more products or services and recruit more distributors. If you have some interest in unlimited flat rate mobile phone service, becoming a customer or a reseller and you would like to know more about either the company, service or advertising on YouTube, then stop by our blog for more information and give us a call today.