Ear Hook Headphones Are Comfortable And Lightweight

You must have felt uncomfortable with headphones while sleeping. You can now enjoy sound sleep with slim ear hook headphones designed specifically to help you enjoy a great nights sleep. There are ear hook headphones available with 1/4inches and you can hardly feel foam covered speakers attached to your ears while sleeping. Rubber-coated moldable memory wire of ear hook headphones offer custom fit. The headphones are compatible with all devices and accepts standard headphone plug. The earphone comes with sturdy sided travel case and satin eye mask.

When you get ear hook headphones with rubber-coated memory wire, you need to adjust that to fit in the contour of your ears for the first time. The bend in rubber-coated wire must be free from sharp turns or kinks. The foam side speaker must be positioned firmly against ear of yours, over ear canal. This position will help you enjoy best quality sound and you will have no discomfort sleeping while wearing it. The memory wire can be bent into any shape and you can go on adjusting it, until you get the maximum comfort.

The memory wire should be first bent in the shape of a question mark and a smooth bent should be maintained. Thereafter, the memory should be hooked over and around ear back. The speaker should be above ear canal with the logo facing out.

Ear hook headphones with advanced features are compatible with Droids, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, other kinds of mobile phones with standard jack of 3.5mm. Even though the earphones are compatible with headphones, these offer best performance with bed phones. The Smart Mode puts off music automatically when you are sleeping. There is the Timer Mode option that reduces music volume as timer continues to run down. This feature is available in Android only. The Basic Mode in ear hook headphones turns the whole screen into pause/play button, so that you can easily operate it in dark.

Ear hook headphones can be worn while travelling in cars, train, and plane. They are comfortable, light, and highly suitable while traveling. Adjustable moldable memory wire has made it easier to be worn during workout sessions as well. The wire can be adjusted to fit in your ear tightly while performing exercises. However, remember that if you are sweating excessively, the foam ear pad may experience premature wear and you may have to replace it.

Mechanical engineers worked round the clock to conceive ear hook headphones designed specifically for those who are passionate about music and feel comfortable wearing them to bed. There were computer-aided designs used to come up with this marvelous creation. There were many prototypes made with varied adjustable features, thickness, and quality to attain perfection.

So, if you are planning to buy ear hook headphones, browse online for different available options and look into the price range. You can look into testimonials and reviews posted online to know about feedbacks offered by customers, who have already used the product.