Iphone Apps For Social Engine Platform

There’s a frenzy going on in the development of Social Engine based networks and social apps for said networks. It’s not hard to figure out why – smart phones and social media are hot trends. It also proves just how effective the platform is for bringing these two trends together.

Best part is that the current development is just a tiny part of what’s about to come. It can be overlaid on a blog or photo upload website or any site where there’s a community that needs a social network. The social app is so that members can post content via their iPhones and iPads.

For the owner, it’s a ride straight to the bank. There are immediate possibilities for monetization by offering the social app for download at a price. A branded iPhone social app can be set up very quickly and offered for download via iTunes.

High traffic networks with lots of members and popular content can charge up to 5 or 6 dollars for the app. It should, of course, be useful enough. At the very least, throw in a nice interface that members can use to post content, and enable video and photo sharing.

A big advantage it has over other platforms is that it is a PHP-based script with a publicly available SDK. This means that there’s an active SE community creating plug-ins and mods. As of now, plug-ins can be installed for most everything members need on a social network, including photo and video sharing, polls, language translations and the social iPhone app.

With the new version 4.0 release, the implementation and addition of plug-ins and third-party mods has become even easier. The interface now has a drag-and-drop CMS and a package manager. Just as phpBB became the most popular bulletin with a large number of developers, Social Engine too looks like it is on its way to the top.

Recruitment Services Society Android Application Development For The Cutting Edge

Android is a software platform free to avail. This implies that is of open source nature.

It is a product of Google and Open Handset Alliance. The software platform is very easy to handle. It facilitates the implementation of a wide range of applications. The features of this forum have a pretty reliable and offer the best tools for the development of mobile applications. These features make Android very popular. Android platform for an operating system, middleware and applications too. This includes a Software Development Kit (SDK). This kit provides developers with the APIs and tools to develop applications for Android.

Android is the open source nature of the initial investment is not necessary. The application can be freely distributed online. A small investment can reap great benefits for you.

Registration is necessary to start with Android applications that you need. The next step is to download the SDK.

When it comes to developing Android applications, there are two possibilities, either do it yourself or have it done by a professional application developer Android. The former can be tedious and risky for all due to the technical expertise and less time spent by most people prefer the second option.

This does not mean that every Android application developers is good and able to meet expectations. Seeing a growing market with many new players have entered the market.
Here are some tips that can help you get the right to an Android Application Developer.


The developer must be experienced enough to handle this type of project.

Customer care:

The sponsor must be able to sign the time with the customer to know what features to include in the application.

Quote comparison:

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to seek first the prices, compare prices and services, and finally negotiate.

Services offered:

If the development of large companies, does not mean that services are the best and vice versa, if a company is small does not mean that services are inferior species. A little ‘market research and analysis of the entire table can make things very clear. If a company is great to be the only person who is responsible for the success of the application.


iPhone application development should be a willingness on the market and be reliable. The effectiveness of the application developed by an application developer can be measured by careful observation of this application.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions should be clarified before placing orders with the company for application development. Use a professional company developing Android applications can do wonders.

How To Develop Android Apps – An Assimilation Of Need Based Various Activities

Smart phone is an absolute necessity for everyone. Android app is a kind of software that adds value to your smart phone or mobile. Mobile application development means to enhance its application scope by adding various kinds of features in the system. Android is the most popular product of Google. It is a mobile platform but of open source in nature. Mobile enriched with android you can design a wide array of functionalities. This has made the job of application makers easy. With all such kind of functional facilities your mobile can function like a portable minicomputer with access to the internet. How to develop android app is a matter of lengthy exercises. Your true application knowledge yields the results.

The android platform has mainly three parts. The first part is the operating system, second is the middle ware and the last is soft ware development kit. Because it is open source in kind, anybody can use it freely. An intelligent user with normal technical knowledge can use this SDK to prepare an android application. Its application to transact any kind of business is really immense. Business houses usually depend on android application maker to get flawless and quality services. Cost of mobile has as such come down remarkably due to cut throat competition. This has made android based mobile within the reach of common people. It has derived the market favor automatically and increased the demand of android developer to a large extent. In fact the demand of android based mobile is continuously on the rise and this has altogether formed a different market segment.

Through android app it is possible to design website which acts as an aid to business growth. In the process of designing and making android app we will find right kind of educated, skilled and experienced android app developer. It is made in such a way that it is easier to operate and accessible to the visitors to the website. It is made user friendly and fit to the actual need of the user. The scale of use and variety is really behind its popularity. It is utility and cost friendly. Worldwide use of Android apps is virtually is increasing exponentially with the availability of innumerable number of new android apps. For minor kind of android app, the users also can venture in developing android app because it is open source by its nature. Such self developer usually takes the help of professional android developer to make use of android operating system. Integrated progress setting is also part of android app development. A code is used to get access to a specific android app. How to make an android app is an integrated outcome of all such events.

Android Application Development Using Php

PHP is the open source dynamic language which is widely used in deploying various types of application. As a web development company we are playing with the open source components of PHP to do applications, ecommerce website development, CMS integration and android application development. PHP is too good an open source platform to build any type of web applications potentially.

Android is also an open source language and operating system for mobile phones. Android platform is wide and open to android developers to store their apps in app stores. Now one PHP developer can develop android applications in PHP. One PHP port is used to run android and with the scripting layer of android one PHP developer can build PHP android application. To install PHP for android one PHP developer must have a phone or emulator to run android and the developer must enable the unknown source under application settings. After having that set developer can install the SL4A environment and PHP for android APK.

In all cases it may not work very well with your phone. To get better solution on this you have to download the android SDK. Set an emulator and write code using your favorite editor. After downloading extract the directory and run the android application located in the directory and set emulator. Select the virtual devices from android SDK and AVD Manager Menu and click the new button. Then you will get the Droid emulator set up and click the start button. Push your PHP script to virtual device using a program called adb which is a part of android SDK is located in the tool directory. Then you can start the server and sent your scripts. These things will help for android application development using PHP.

We at Andolasoft are highly experienced in PHP development, ecommerce website development and CMS integration. We have a team of expert PHP developers having experience in this domain and guarantee you of providing robust solutions for your business in cost effective way.

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Promoting your iPhone Apps

Since the iphone has been available developers have been beavering away with Apple’s SDK to bring us unique and better apps every day.

In the beginning, when the app store first opened its doors, a couple of thousand apps were available for download. These early apps were a mixed bunch, some free, some paid for, some good, many bad but all had a purpose, be it very useful or a bit pointless, they all did something.

The growth and consumption of apps since initial release has been phenomenal and I think this is based on 2 main factors. The first, the ability for anyone with a Mac computer and internet connection to download the SDK, start developing and then release an app has given everyone an opportunity to get an app in the app store.

The second point is how we, the consumers, have had a growing hunger for these apps since day one of the app store. Maybe you’re interested in game or news apps, social networking or entertainment, all categories are covered and there’s something for everyone.

There are of course other factors such as the relatively low cost of most apps and things would never taken off if it weren’t for the excellent, intuitive, user friendly platform Apple has created to run these apps.

But personally, I think the 2 points mentioned above are why apps are so popular and why they’ll continue to grow rapidly in the next 3-5 years.

However, with this growth in apps brings problems for consumers. How do you find what top apps are available? You could look on the app store and check out the top 25 or latest featured apps. This is great and popularity often tells us we’re onto a winner (eBay Mobile isn’t in the top 25 because it’s useless!). But I’ve discovered over the past few years that many of my favourite, most used apps weren’t in any top ten lists, they weren’t featured on the Apple site and they certainly didn’t feature in any of those Apple adverts on TV.

These apps were hunted out, stumbled upon, emailed to me or simply recommended. These are the more obscure apps, the apps that are excellent in every possible way but haven’t had the exposure they need to get noticed in the app store.

Looking at it from the other side, the rapid growth in apps makes it important to developers (especially to small, independent developers with limited marketing budgets) that they promote using all the marketing tips and techniques available. One of the most cost effective (and often free) ways of getting your apps noticed is by submitting them to app review sites. Review sites help consumers make informed decisions and get your apps noticed, especially if reviews are favourable.

You sometimes have to accept negative comments but these are mostly constructive and will help you with future app updates, helping you resolve any problems (on a major update you can even ask for the app to be revisited, potentially getting a higher rating)

Getting your app noticed will become even more of a challenge in the future. Hopefully, you’re more aware of the need for app review sites. If you’ve developed an app and want some free marketing check out iphone app reviews and find out how reviews can help get your app noticed by the people who matter.

Iphone Application Development Difference Between Iphone And Mac Os X Application

The improvement of making tailored applications for iPhone for the iPhone OS is comparable to create a Mac OS X application, but only at a superior level but both operating systems employ similar tools and basic tools with the considerable distinction between an iPhone application developer and a Mac OS application developer.

Even though the iPhone has its OS, with the idea and the creative design approach which is entirely unlike. An iPhone application developer grab hold of the advantages of the iPhone OS. Due to the packed in size of the iPhone touch screens, developers can create well organized and focused user applications that have a simple user-interface.

The capability to develop iPhone applications from scrape has led to a startling appearance of attention from the application developer community. Creating a simple and practical application requires over many hours of dedication and more than thousand lines of code. Most developers create applications through an object oriented programming language called as an Objective C or Cocoa. In laymans term, objective C is used to write all Mac OS applications and iPhone applications.

If an iPhone application developer has a good idea, enough free time and, of course a Mac computer, he can develop innovative applications for iPhone. Due to excellent documentation and great examples, a developer gets an excellent platform to make his career in iPhone website development.

When a developer forms an applications for the App Store, he gets the choice of distributing or a freeware purchasing . If an iPhone user purchases an application, about 70 percent of the income goes to the developer while Apple enjoys a 30 percent share.

Apprentice developers in quest of to reserve a career in iPhone application development have to download the SDK and pay a modest amount annually to become an expert developer. There are many companies that outsource iPhone application development projects to developers. This ensures a stable career for would-be expert iPhone application developers.