Ten Popular Horror Movies In English

Horror movies are basically scary, chilling and haunting. They are generally based on the imaginary world full of incredible happenings and mysterious events. Sometimes they are based on scientific experimentation and psychological statistics of eerie ideas. Most of them are made with a false vision about the existence of mysterious characters possessing supernatural powers or ghostly natures.

Horror film makers try to use their imagination in creating the situation in a horrifying manner in order to make the film more frightful and interesting at the same time, since the audience find illogical events more interesting. Hollywood is popular for the large number of horror movies. Horror movies are always watched and admired for their unusual presentation and special arousing effects. Let us look at the list of a few very popular horror movies.

Psycho, made in 1960, should get our first consideration. It was the masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock, based on psychological misconducts which enhanced rousing terror that became more interesting than the revolutionary supernatural events.

The Bride of Frankenstein made in 1935 used the most tragic figure, the monster, in the history of horror movies. Its maker was forced to create a mate for the monster from old body parts and the brain of a madman.

The Night of the Living Dead was made in1968 by George Romero. The movie is about an android girl who dispatches her dad. It is one of the most horrifying sequences with plenty of chills and thrills in the horror film history.

The Exorcist was made by William Friedkin in the year 1973. It was a horror classic where a little girl (Linda Blair) experiences a demonic presence in her. Two priests are called to throw away the demon from her body. The movie is presented with terrific special effects.

Friday the 13th is considered to be an inauspicious date, and misshapenness is expected on this particular combination of day and date. The movie is about an old camp that was shut down for some time due to the murder of two counselors by an unidentified killer. The camp reopens in 1980 and the inmates of the camp are victimized by an adherent wearing a hockey mask and killed one by one.

The Mummy was made in1999. It uncovers the mummy of a prince Im-ho-tep who was buried alive in Egypt 3000 years ago. The mummy becomes alive and escapes. There starts the havoc in the film.

Count Dracula possessed the characteristics of a vampire. Soon after his attack, his victim turned insane. The movie is a horror classic with many haunting images and it was more or less like a silent film. In The Evil Dead the horror is created by the use of an audiotape. If the tape is played, the listener faces dangerous consequences. Whoever listened to the recording in the tape turned into a deadlight.

The Sixth Sense, made in 1999, was a supernatural ghost story, where a child psychologist treats a nine-year-old boy who perceives dead people and communicates with them. Cat People was made in 1942 by Jacques Tourneuer. It was an innovative and thoughtful thriller without violence but psychological tension is there throughout the movie. It is the story of a woman who fears that she will fall prey to a baffling curse and turn into a deadly panther.