Why Electronics and Technology Are Important

People today live in a world that relies greatly on electronics and gadgets to make our everyday activities easier and faster. Most of us could not fathom what life we be like without computers, cell phones, iPods, televisions, or electronic toys. Over the years, technology has continued to advance, improving the quality of life for people who use electronics and gadgets to make their lives more convenient.

When we wake up in the morning, we are often greeted by our alarm clocks. How many people would be late for work if they had to rely on their internal body clocks to wake them up at the same exact time every weekday morning? Once up and out of our bed some people may enjoy a cup of coffee or espresso from the convenience of their own kitchen coffee making appliance. Others may head to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. This may include using a hair dryer or curlers to style their hair, or maybe an iron to de-wrinkle their clothes. All the while, people may be catching up on the day’s news by watching their local news station on television. All this use of technology and electronics and they haven’t even left for work yet!

The list goes on and on. The advancement of technology has allowed us to enjoy our favorite music while we exercise via the use of an MP3 player, warm our food in seconds with the convenience of microwaves, and even read our emails from anywhere in the world with the use of smart phones and laptops. This is just the tip of the iceberg. While most people understand that electronics and gadgets are important, they don’t take the time to really comprehend just how much we use this type of technology in all aspects of life. Certain electronics and equipment have made medical procedures easier, not to mention just plain possible. Life expectancies have increased with the advancement in technology and suffering has lessened due to the invention of medical equipment and technologies.

Whether it’s the coolest new GPS gadget to help you located and get to your favorite vacation destination along with every restaurant, store, and gas station in the area, or the newest sonar machine that can allow a doctor to see any possible development issues with a mother’s unborn baby, technology and electronics means more to us than we can realize. New products are developed every single day and the more people shop for fun gadgets and electronics, the easier and more fun life will become!

Garmin 1490t – In Dept Functions Evaluation

The Garmin 1490T is one of the most popular GPS devices within the marketplace and with good cause. It’s really filled with fantastic functions to the brim and the most essential advantage is its flexibility with regards towards the settings which provide any kind of info required by the user. With the assistance of Garmin GPS 1490T, you get to determine in the event you want the device to show the approximated time to any destination, the time of the day, path of travel, the elevation along with other this kind of details. You’ll be able to check out the menu of this device through a little arrow shaped icon that is on the left-hand corner and can be operated through touch.

You’ll also get access to “view map” and “where to” icons aside from the additional to this and also the sound level. When you click “tools” picture you’ll have the ability to change the client for schedule tender substance access to individualized data, clock, calculator, files and item converters. You will also be able to modify the map route that is an extremely useful function. The display of Garmin 1490T is proportioned generously it comes in stylish black housing as well. It should be mentioned that this gadget isn’t controlled by voice instructions and is not waterproof. Nonetheless, the unit does include a speech function which provides drivers having total voice guide.

There are plenty of features like icons for enabling you to go towards the locations you want. So, this essentially organizes the various lists and priorities of the user along his determined route. You are able to obtain the telephone particulars and address of in the specific point of interest just by selecting it. The Garmin 1490T can also be utilized as wireless phone device that’s useful in states exactly where cellular phone legal guidelines for that drivers are stringent. Consumers will be in a position to use the telephone numbers and addresses as well as connect the same to any compatible cell phone thereby being in a position to manage outbound and incoming calls.

In summary, Garmin 1490T is really a gadget which strives to make any travelling endeavor of the client affordable, hassle free and timely and is the best suited for you if you are interested in saving your precious time and money. You are able to definitely research about Garmin 1490T best price on the web and you will even get a number of Garmin 1490T review so as to be able to make a knowledgeable choice. You might also take a look at the various dealers that offer Garmin Nuvi 1490T best price for saving a significant quantity of your tough earned money.

Electronics Gadgets, 13+ Disclaimers And Disclaimer Templates To Keep You Out Of Trouble

Selling electronic gadgets can be a tricky business, because the products tend to be both physically fragile and can be prone to malfunction. One way to protect yourself is by using disclaimers.

Article Ref: S01GDR

Customers could begin returning defective gadgets in large numbers – disclaimers can protect you from being liable for a replacement or refund.

You must also look at packaging and your transit company’s shipping warranties, as deficient products and services in this regard can lead to damaged goods reaching the customer.

Some issues that may require disclaimers include:
* Laws in different countries
* Electronic standards used in different countries,
* Different operational methods
* The difficulty of installation
* Potential health hazards

** A Typical Disclaimer **

Usually labelled as Terms & Conditions, Important Terms, Disclaimers, Warranty and Exchange Information, or something similar. It’s usual to use several disclaimers to cover as many of your requirements as possible:

* Condition of the item being sold. Condition of the packaging.
* Shipment restrictions – which countries will you ship to? Is there a shipping warranty?
* Recommendations for restrictions on the products use – not to be used around pets or by small children, for example.
* Accepted payment methods.
* Availability of refunds, exchanges and warranties.
* Legal restrictions on the products use.

** Disclaimer Examples **

The following are somewhat random examples of disclaimers, all taken from eBay. Obviously, you’ll have to tailor each disclaimer to each product and your own shipping/payment/warranty/restriction needs.

** GSM Cell phones:

Online electronics gadgets sellers often need to add disclaimer notices to their cell phones because not all GSM cell phone network uses the same frequency.

With the traditional 2G and 2.5G networks there were four main frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

Phones that used 900MHz, and 1800MHz bands traditionally worked in most countries (with the exception of the US, North America and US territories) while 850MHz and 1900MHz phones traditionally worked in the US, North America and US territories.

The 3G system has further compounded matters by working on a different frequency and not being compatible with some phones being produced now.

A good disclaimer for GSM cell phones would read as follows:

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz. This cellphone will not work in North America.

** Radar Scanners:

While radar scanners are popular, it is illegal to buy, or use them.

This is largely because their main purpose is to identify speed cameras or police officers to avoid speeding tickets. This essentially explains both its illegality and its popularity.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use and ownership of these devices. You are solely responsible for finding out whether this product is legal to import and/or use in your country. We will send you the products you order and cannot accept any liability for customs issues or any implications of your ownership or usage of this device.

** Ni-Cad Batteries:

Ni-Cad batteries have a memory, as a result they work better and have a longer lifespan if they are charged a certain way when they are first used.

As a result this would be a good disclaimer:

NOTE: Ni-Cad batteries give their best performance if fully un-charged and charged three times after purchase.

** Cell Phone/Wi-Fi/radio signal blockers:

Like radar detectors these items are not exactly legal in all situations. However, this doesn’t stop them being popular to certain people.

This is a suitable disclaimer to use with blockers:

These devices may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. Please check your country’s telecommunications regulations before placing your order.

** Thermometers:

You’re not a health professional. The chances are the people buying these electronic gadgets from you won’t be either.

This won’t stop them blaming you if a loved one became seriously ill if they were ‘misdiagnosed’ because of a reading from a thermometer they brought from you.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Note: This device is meant for personal uses only, please refer to a physician or health professional.

** Breathalyzers:

We all know why people buy breathalyzers. It’s for them to check whether or not they are able to drive home, or whether they will need to catch a cab.

As a result, if they fly too close to the wind and get caught they’re going to try to use YOUR device in their defense.

This is a suitable disclaimer to use in this case:

Note: This is a reference tool only and can not be used as a legal defense.

** GPS Devices:

The type of disclaimers you need on GPS devices depend on the type of devices you are carrying and the level of support you are willing to give to customers.

If you are dealing with GPS receivers for example and are sourcing from a factory which offers GPS ready devices that don’t come with the necessary maps then you will need to let customers know that they will need to supply their own maps.

It is worth noting that very few vendors from China actually supply the genuine GPS map software and it may be worth getting a test order of a GPS receiver sent to yourself to make sure you’re not selling GPS devices with software that is cracked or a sample.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

The unit includes evaluation GPS software only. We recommend purchasing a GPS software package from your home country that best covers your region of the world.

** GPS Trackers

A number of problems can arise from the sale of GPS trackers. If the tracker is small they can be used for nefarious purposes (maliciously keeping track of family members and loved ones for example). A customer may also expect to see GPS software when none is included.

As a result, you may want to include one of the two disclaimers:

This model does not come with any GPS navigation map software

Seller takes no responsibility for harm resulting from misuse of this item

**Heart Rate Monitors:

You’re not a health professional. The chances are the people buying these electronic gadgets from you won’t be either.

This won’t stop them blaming you if a loved one became seriously ill if they were ‘misdiagnosed’ because of a reading from a thermometer they brought from you.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Note: This device is meant for personal uses only, please refer to a physician or health professional.

** Car DVD Players:

If you have ever dealt with car stereos (or anything else to do with cars or electronics) you’ll know how complicated they can be.

You’ll also know that the average consumer loves to blame you for their goof-ups.

As a result it may be a good idea to include this disclaimer with any car DVD players you sell

For optimum performance we recommend that you have this car DVD unit installed by a professional.

** Spy Listening Devices:

While spy listening devices may seem cool it is illegal to use them in some locations and courts of law will not allow recordings from them to be used as evidence unless both parties taped have signed release forms.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use and ownership of these devices. You are solely responsible for finding out whether this product is legal to import and/or use in your country. We will send you the products you order and cannot accept any liability for customs issues or any implications of your ownership or usage of this device.

** Fish Finders:

Fish are notoriously difficult to find. Even with a fish finder. As a result you will need to protect yourself in case somebody they complain that they haven’t been able to spot any fish.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

Seller takes no responsibility for environmental factors which may inhibit the performance of this device.

** Chargers:

Regardless of whether you are selling a back-up battery or a solar charger there are always issues surrounding the connection type the voltage and the specific capacity of devices it is compatible with.

As a result you will need to list all the relevant details that apply to the charger you are listing and include the following disclaimer:

This charger is only compatible with devices with the specifications listed. Please pay careful attention to the listing.

** Spy Cameras with Audio:

While surveillance cameras are perfectly legal and respected cameras with audio devices are not.

To be used in a court of law both parties taped have signed release forms.

To cover yourself include the following disclaimer:

NOTE: Certain countries prevent the use of recorded audio footage to be used as evidence in legal cases. You are solely responsible for learning and adhering to the standards of your country when using this product.

** Car Electronics:

Depending on the age of electronics used in the car a number of issues may arise.

Most of these issues surround the compatibility between the device you are listing and the car that the potential buyer wants to put them in to.

You may want to include the following disclaimer:

This device is only compatible with devices with the specifications listed. Please pay careful attention to the listing.

As I mentioned, these disclaimers are examples of what they should look like – you may want to write a disclaimer that suits your particular needs as a seller, taking into account the qualities of the product in question and both your location and the location of your customer.

Mobile Cell Phone GPS Free GPS Cell Phone Tracking

If you’ve done a lot of traveling, then you’ve probably heard about Cell Phone GPS. If you’re unfamiliar with it, then let me give you some basic info. GPS or Global Positioning System is tool for navigation and precise-positioning that was first developed for national defense purposes. It was developed to help soldiers, military vehicles, ships and planes in determining their locations accurately.

As the use of mobile GPS became widespread, businesses noticed its commercial potential and began to develop it as a profitable navigational tool. Cell phone gps locator became popular as a car navigation tool and products from GPS companies like Garmin and TomTom have become household names. The usual GPS car navigation device offers features like automatic routing, voice-guided navigation, and route re-calculating to help users find their location and reach their intended destination.

However, the tragic events of 11 September 2001 increased demand for enhanced 911 emergency calling capabilities which in turn pushed the integration tracking technology into mobile phone gps tracking. In response to the terrorist attack, the FCC required all mobile phone carriers to provide the ability to trace cell phone calls to a location within 100 meters or less. Mobile phone carriers realized that integrating GPS technology into cell phone handsets was the most efficient method of complying with FCC requirements.

Let look at how the major mobile phone carriers integrated GPS navigation into their services and cell phones.

AT&T offers the Navigator service that provides spoken turn by turn GPS driving directions. It also provides automatic reroute, full color maps, and real time traffic alerts all on cell phone GPS tracking enabled devices. AT&T offers a free 30-day trial to their customers.

Here are some of AT&T’s Free Cell Phone GPS Tracking enabled devices:

* 3G iPhone
* Blackberry 8820
* Motorola Moto Q Global
* Motorola Moto Z9
* HTC Tilt
* Blackberry Pearl 8120
* Blackberry Curve 8310

Sprint offers two mobile phone cell phone GPS services, the Sprint navigation and Sprint Family Locator. Sprint Navigation offers detailed maps, driving directions, one-click rerouting and traffic alerts on select phones. On the other hand, Sprint Family Locator offers a convenient, reliable and secure method of locating family members from any web enabled mobile phone.

Here are some of Sprint’s GPS enabled mobile phones:

* HTC Touch
* LG Rumor
* Motorola i920
* Samsung Instinct
* Blackberry Curve 8330
* Sanyo Pro 700
* HTC Mogul
* Palm Treo 755p

Verizon offers the VZ Navigator GPS service that offers advanced navigation features. VZ Navigator offers subscribers detailed color maps that can be quickly panned and zoomed, prompted turn-by-turn directions with auto-rerouting, and local search of 14 million points of interest.

Here are some of Verizon Wireless GPS enabled phones:

* Samsung Juke
* HTC XV6900
* Palm Treo 700wx
* Samsung-SCHu550
* Samsung Glyde
* LG Decoy
* LG Voyager
* LG enV2

T-Mobile offers the NaviGate BlueKit that uses Bluetooth and GPS satellite technology to allow customers to transform their mobile phones into car navigation systems. This service offers route instructions and near real-time traffic updates, with route alternatives.

Here are some of T-Mobile’s GPS enabled phones:

* Blackberry 8820
* Blackberry 8120
* Nokia 6650

Understandably, GPS companies are threatened by the growing popularity of free cell phone GPS tracking enabled mobile phones and navigation services offered by mobile phone carriers. Many customers prefer GPS enabled handsets because of its cheaper price. Let’s face it; no one wants to pay around $400 on a standalone GPS navigation system when they can get it on their mobile phone. To counter the threat offered by cell phones that offer GPS, some car GPS companies have proceeded to manufacture their own mobile GPS phone.

Garmin, one of the top car GPS manufacturers, impressed many mobile phone experts when they unveiled the Garmin Nuvifone. Not only did Garmin produce a GPS centric mobile phone, the company also developed a device that can compete with the top mobile phones in the market. The Nuvifone is an all-in-one, sleek and slim, touch screen device that combines a premium phone, mobile web-browser, and a cutting-edge personal navigator. This Garmin GPS mobile phone also works with an online service that offers constantly updated information such as real-time traffic, fuel prices, stock prices, sports scores, news reports, local events and weather forecasts.

The increasing numbers of GPS enabled mobile devices indicate that customers find the service desirable. In fact, a forecast from Parks Associates predicts that global shipments of GPS-enabled mobile devices will grow at 40% per year for the next five years. Experts expect that more than 834 million units will be shipped in in 2012 and that GPS will become a standard feature offered by mobile phones.

There are also some GPS solutions for people who do not own smartphones. Mobile phone carriers have taken advantage of the increasing value of GPS functionality so they are now offering some kind of location-based service. For instance, AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers can get GPS service from TeleNav GPS Navigator. Verizon Wireless also offers GPS services from VZ Navigator on handsets like the Motorola Razor V3m. Outdoor enthusiasts subscribing to Sprint can get the Trimble GPS Pack.

These GPS services provide customers with color maps and turn-by-turn driving directions. Customers can also search for local businesses and even use their GPS equipped phones to get traffic updates. These services charge a subscription fee to customers who want to benefit from the GPS information. Similar features can also be acquired by downloading Google Maps for Mobile to cell phones or smart phones. There are no charges for the download, but customers have to sign up for a data plan to get the airtime needed to retrieve maps, and traffic information with cell phone gps.

Garmin 500 – The Gadget Bikers Will not Shut Up About

Those that believe that the Garmin Edge 305 is the best device for cyclists are but to discover the GPS mogul’s masterpiece the Garmin 500. First manufactured in 2008, this GPS-based laptop has received many hearts, including those of die hard 305 fans.

How Garmin 500 Tops Edge 305

There are a number of causes which make reviewers favor the 500 model to its 305 predecessor. One of many first causes is the lighter and smaller frame. As a bike owner, the last thing you need is just a few further pounds to hinder you from racing the wind. Besides, the smaller frame is a blessing because you will not have to fret a couple of bulky machine between your handlebars.

One other enhancement is the bigger display. When on the move, a big display will mean you can simply see numbers that matter the most. For example, if you happen to added the center charge sensor, you will be able to control your pulse charge and speed up or decelerate accordingly. Moreover, since the Garmin Edge 500 comes with a few constructed-in applications, it is possible for you to to take pleasure in your training quite than squint on the show to decipher what you see.

Essentially the most prominent change, nevertheless, is the barometric altimeter. For cyclists, this a desirable change because it gives better readings than a GPS altimeter. You will be able to file and then analyze the info out of your latest exercise to improve your speed and technique. Garmin Edge 500’s Prime Specs

Other than the aforementioned options, the Garmin Edge 500 comes with an array of specs which have won the hearts of cyclists. The most outstanding specs are:

1. GPS Performance – Because the machine has a small GPS receiver, you may show your location information as well as file it to research the path you traveled. In comparison with different models, the five hundred has an enhanced receiver that permits fast acquisition and remembers last recognized locations.

2. Programs – When you take pleasure in difficult yourself, you will take pleasure in creating programs after which downloading them to your device. Not solely will you be alerted when you handle to go astray, but one can find out how much it’s a must to pedal till you reach the end of the course you had set for yourself.

3. Data Discipline Setup – The Garmin Edge 500 permits you to decide which information fields your gadget will display. You’ll be able to view three pages at max, each containing eight knowledge fields. Nonetheless, keep in mind that cramming numerous data fields will result in smaller fields and tougher visibility.

4. Backlight – Should you’re into cycling at night or the early hours of morning, this function will be helpful. The device’s LED backlight will hold the display seen in the dark. You too can alter the brightness and contrast, and set how lengthy the lights will keep on.

There are extra options which make the Garmin 500 a good buy, however it’s best to consider different components such because the gadget’s value with the intention to assure yourself of one of the best value to your money.

Tips For Choosing Boat Electronics

So you’ve found the perfect boat. You’re ready to now outfit it with boat electronics. You have a vast array of choices, which is great, but it may make it seem overwhelming choosing from among them. Much will depend on the type of boater you are and the type of electronics you use in general. Can you read charts and the stars, or will you only want the best in electronic navigation? When you’re on your boat, do you plan to leave civilization behind, or will you want phone or email contact? Do you have a favorite marine electronics brand, or would you rather just choose the best from several different brands? Know yourself, your boating plans, and your general attitude toward electronic gadgetry, and you’ll have an easier time choosing how to outfit your boat.

Choosing the most suitable boating electronics can not only make your boating experiences more fun and your fishing more productive, but it can be important to your well being as well in the event of an emergency. Choosing the right equipment is the first step, but learning to use it properly is equally as important. And that means you’ll have to take the time to learn how to use the equipment whether it’s from instructional videos, manuals, or having someone show you how to use it.

Besides, you should know how to navigate by other means in the event of your electronics failing. Learning how to use navigational charts and plot your course is still a required skill. That being said, here are some tips to help you choose your electronics.

1. The boat electronics you should choose should be an automatic identification system, or AIS. It is used by boats and by the Vessel Traffic Services to find and identify boats. Your AIS gear is the most important electronic device you’ll buy. It allows vessels to exchange electronic data including position, identification, and course. The AIS transponder will cause your vessel to show up on computer screens at Vessel Traffic Services stations. If you have an emergency or should become lost this is critical.

2. A GPS system is another important piece of boat electronics your boat should have. One of the more popular choices is for a multifunction display that puts several different instruments onto one screen. Such multifunction machines can even allow you to run radar and fishfinder data through one display. They are also relatively easy to expand for other functions and displays.

3. If you have a choice of displays, remember that the larger it is, the easier it will be to see. And keep in mind that on a boat, viewing conditions can be far from optimal due to sun glare, storms, and swells. If you can afford a 10 to 12 inch display, that’s best, but you should definitely choose at least a 7 inch display for your boating electronics.

4. If you are interested in on-board entertainment, you can coordinate your display for several peripheral boat electronics. Other devises like satelite recievers, computers, DVD players and music systems can be connected. All of these are great extras to have, however, don’t get them in lue of choosing quality safelty gear. And make sure that all your navigation equipment is mounted where it access is easy.

5.Another good investment in the safety of your boat is a depth sounder or fishfinder. If the weather turns bad, a depth sounder combined with your GPS plotter can help get you safely back to shore.

6.There is an ever changing selection of marine electronics products made available for the boating industry. There are now laptop computers designed specifically for use in boats. These computers perform like standard laptops do, but they can also be equipped with special software like RayTech RNS 6.1, which allows multi-format charting, hsb2 electronics integration, and worldwide tides and currents among its many functions.

In summary, your AIS device, GPS plotter, and depth sounder are the most critical pieces of boat electronics for your vessel because they pertain to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Have these pieces in place first, and if it’s in your budget, there are plenty of extras you can add in the way of entertainment equipment and fish finding devices that you can have fun with.

The Convenience Of A Mobile Phone

There are many benefits of having a mobile phone. It has allowed people to be more on demand, allowing people to be able to contact others at all times. It has allowed a lot of families to be able to get rid of their land lines, allowing them to spend that money on their mobile phones. It has forced major reductions in long distance prices, as most mobile phone carriers and plans offer the service for free, when used with the correct plan.

People that have decided to keep land lines have seen their prices go way down because of the competition that mobile phones have bought to the long distance market. It allows people to be more portable with their life, because they can just take their phone with them, instead of having to worry about transferring home service to another area and so forth. In addition, mobile phones allow people to be able to call emergency centres in quick notice, even if they are in a far out area where there are not a lot of lane phones and services to be offered. This can be very important because of the fact that if emergency help can get to a scene faster, lives can be saved, and the area can be taken care of sooner. Also, mobile phones have been used in court cases as evidence, so they are assisting in ensuring that justice is served in many cases. It means that we are more protected as we can keep in contact with people wherever we are, whatever situation we find ourselves in.

There are so many things to do on a mobile phone. One can play and download music, text message and e-mail others, browse and surf the internet, and use GPS to get where you need to go. Another benefit of having a mobile phone is that you can take your cell phone number with you. Even if you move from one area to another, you can take your mobile phone number with you, allowing others to be able to contact you even if you more. This offers a lot of convenience to the user.

Sunno A880 Similar To Htc Magic, Other Windows Mobile Phone

The secret behind SUNNO A880: Doubtless, you are able to visit this website, read my article reviews and perfectly understand everything about the SUNNO A880. We are just showing you how splendid is the new SUNNO A880 and its fantastic features, but somebody who is a direct supplier in China and know very well the Chinese market can talk with authority about the quality of this equipment. Thats why because I can sell you directly from China so you can buy the latest super price. And both understand English as well as Mandarin Chinese, you can make business with me if you’re interested, welcome to those who wish to become distributors and start earning money. Very important news is that our SUNNO A880 not only is a touch screen and Windows 6.5 operating system and 460 MHz CPU, Marvel so the price is a bit more expensive than normal W71 without touch screen and no operating system. I personally think that you are doing a great thing if you are able to purchase this impressive mobile phone. In the next lines I am going to show not only its secret but the features that are part of this useful and beautiful mobile phone.

What about the SUNNO A880?

Using this mobile phone make me feel more comfortable and it price is very affordable if you compare with other mobile phones in the market. Despite of this, it is a very beautiful cell phone that is gorgeous and contemporary. In order you can be well informed about the SUNNO A880 cell phone, this fresh release from SUNNO comes with amazing features that we are going to describe in the following lines.

-SUNNO A880s shape and design: I like a lot the design of this SUNNO A880 because is very curved and elegant. Its design is very propel for girls and people that are lovers of modernist designs in mobile phones.

-Screen and display: The SUNNO A880 comes with 3.2 HQVGA screen with remarkable colors and relaxed and high quality vision.

-Memory features: The memory is one of the most important features that we often are evaluating when we attempt to purchase a mobile phone. In the case of the SUNNO A880 we should consider that. You can even add more memory through the use of a MINI SD device for enhance your capabilities.

-WI-FI and connectivity and Camera: This is a great feature that you can enjoy in the SUNNO A880 which is available for high speed internet connection as well as GPS for navigation and positioning and 5.0 Mega pixel Camera with Flashlight

-Software and operating system: Furthermore, you will able to run in your SUNNO A880 cell phone most of the products of Microsoft such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word; everything in a single mobile device.

-SUNNO A880s performance: This mobile phone has an excellent performance thanks to its processor running to 460 MHZ and with 128MB RAM.

-Audio and Video: This is a perfect media player for both video and audio with the best quality you ever expected and supporting the most popular audio and video formats.

Electronics for Marine Navigation

Navigating on the open water away from land has always been challenging and very exciting. Boating can be a very rewarding experience provided your vessel is equipped with the required tools to ensure your safety. Good quality marine navigation electronic equipment on board aids easier, faster and safer navigation.

It is recommended to make sure that, the boat is equipped with certain marine electronics. The minimum requirement for safety is to at least have a VHF Marine Radio and a compass before leaving the shore. Other desirable electronics include a GPS plotter, fish finder or depth sounder,radar, and auto pilot. Other more sophisticated but nice to have items include an Automatic Identification System and a networked navigation system

Marine navigation electronics equipment operation and uses are discussed below:

Auto Pilot: It is a highly recommended tool for mariners set to go on a long voyage. Auto Pilot helps to steer the boat automatically and thus, relieves the person at the helm from fatigue. Auto Pilot is of great aid for those that troll while fishing as it controls the boat direction automatically, allowing the captain to join and enjoy the fishing. This tool is very helpful, as it allows to save fuel by maintaining the vessel on a steady heading.

Fish finder: Those who fish for pleasure or hire enjoy the help provided by a good fish finder. The fish finder uses SONAR for its operation. In general, the sonar operates by transmittig a signal down trough the water column until it hits an object with mass, sufficent to return a signal to the device, thus drawing an image on the screen. Thereby, showing the depth of the fish in relation to bottom structure. If a fish finder is not desired or needed then a depth sounder with a digital readout is ample and less expensive.

Automatic Identification System: It is considered an important electronic tool for marine navigation. It provides other boats with your vital information as well as their information to you such as the exact position of the boat, longitude and latitude, Time stamp, Rate of turn, Course over ground etc. While the boat under way AIS shows the above information every 2 to 10 seconds, whereas when the boat is anchored, it shows the information after every 3 minutes. Apart from providing the above-mentioned information, it also provides information about other boats or ships concerning their dimension, location, and type of the boat or ship. It is the best electronic tool for collision avoidance.

EPIRB: The Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) also known as distress radio beacon is a transmitter, which helps rescue services to locate boats in distress. The transmissions are rebroadcast from satellites around the world to the various rescue services. Watercraft operators wishing to have an EPIRB must now use a digital 406MHz unit. The International Copas-Sarsat Satellite System stopped monitoring for all but 406MHz signals for distress alert and position data for rescue operation throughout the world..

GPS Plotter: The GPS system now takes over the duty of the old Loran navigation system. GPS signals are broadcast from those satellites worldwide, that are maintained by the USA . GPS can be read in digital or map format. The preferred method is on a plotter that is loaded with digital maps of the area you are boating in. Most new VHF radios now have the capability to broadcast your location with a distress signal if connected to a GPS

Symbian Spy Phone Software – What Is Symbian Spyware & Does It Really Work

Symbian spy phone software is a cell phone monitoring application which is utilized to monitor cellular Symbian phones. The way Symbian spyware works, is that a individual should download the Symbian spy app straight into the Symbian cell. This is completed thru the cell phone’s net browser.

After the spy phone software is downloaded and set up, the Symbian app becomes undetectable and straight away starts to record a variety of information (call logs, SMS messages, GPS locations), after which anonymously uploads all the info to an world-wide-web account. All of this happens in the background, while the person is using their phone. Additionally to recording numerous cell phone events, the Symbian spy phone software also enables another person to secretly listen in on your live calls and remotely turn on your phone’s microphone in order to monitor your surroundings.

Below is a list of the most popular specs found on Symbian spy apps:

* Live Call Interception – This feature enables you to secretly listen in on live calls. No more wondering what is being said on a call, with live call interception, you will hear the call as it happens – LIVE.

* Remote Monitoring – This Symbian spy feature will turn your target’s phone into a remote bug by giving you the ability to remotely activate the phone’s microphone, thus being able to listen in on the phone’s surroundings.

* GPS Tracking – With Stealth GPS tracking, you are able to secretly track the GPS coordinates of the person who is using the Symbian phone that has the spy app installed. Areas are recorded and uploaded in fifteen minute intervals, giving you a obvious picture where the person is. GPS locations are then displayed using Google Maps.

* Text Message Interception – All text messages that are received or sent from the cell phone are secretly recorded. Moreover, full details of each text message are included such as time and date.

* Secretly View Call Logs – This spy feature will enable you to secretly read all incoming/outgoing call details of the cellular mobile. In addition to recording inbound and outbound call information, the name stored in the cell’s contact list that’s associated to the number in the call logs (and text messages messages) will be displayed.What are the reasons why someone would want to use Symbian spy software? Here are a couple of the most frequently used reasons.

* Catch A Suspected Cheating Spouse: Probably the #1 reason why someone decides to use a spy app, is to catch a cheating spouse. Perhaps they are worried that their spouse is not where they said they are, or they want to see what messages are being sent late at night when suddenly “an unknown person calls” or similar sort of situation. With Symbian Spy apps, a worried spouse can instantly see whether their partner is indeed being faithful.

* Monitor Teen Cellular Use: For parents who are concerned about their teen’s cellular use, or are looking for a way to monitor their children, Symbian spy software is an excellent choice. Perhaps they are concerned their teen is participating in a prohibited activity or they want to make sure that their teen is exactly where they are supposed to be, with Symbian spy phone software, all of that is possible.

* Employee Monitoring: Symbian spy phone software may also be utilized to monitor cellular use on company provided phones. In certain industries, more customer communication is occuring on mobile phones through Text messages. Not knowing what is being said and / or not being able to have a document of the communication that occurs between both employee and customer, might be in violation of the company’s policies. With this type of software on company provided mobile phones, employers will have access to all employee and customer communication that occurs via cell phones.

In summary, Symbian spy phone software is a monitoring application that’s utilized for a variety of reasons to monitor a person using a Symbian cellular phone. Though a number of them might not be seen as “appropriate” in everybody’s eyes, it’s up to the person who purchases the software program to choose the best use. Regardless what the reason is, Symbian spy software do work, and is the only way to secretly spy on a Symbian cellular phone.