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The mobile marketplace is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, replacing the standard way in which we used to interact with the World Wide Web. People are using smartphones and tablets to browse the web, but are also resorting to them for entertainment.

And among the biggest players out there, Android operating systems are slowly taking over the mobile market. Reaching its highest peak last year, the Android-based application marketplace is expanding fast and now is a very interesting time to be a part of the Android app developer community. And as a regular user, you get access to countless applications tailored for a wide diversity of purposes.

Free android apps are the norm, even for those who want to sell something inside their app. Allowing users to get free access to their apps, even for a limited time, can and usually will get the user to pay for extended features and other relevant services they can benefit from.

Android App Download website & Resources

In order to get a glimpse of the best Android apps out there, you can browse the Google Play Store. But for most of you, maybe the results youre getting there are not that much satisfying. Thats why platforms like are a great alternative, as you can get the android app download functionality of the Play Store, while getting more info on the apps, whats popular about them and even an Android blog to consult every now and then.

All apps featured on are at their latest version at all times, so you wont have to worry about having to update once the initial app is downloaded. Also notable on this android app site is the fact that you dont have to worry about security they dont host the files on their servers. Instead, youll be redirected to the appropriate Google Play page where you can get the app.

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