Sunno A880 Similar To Htc Magic, Other Windows Mobile Phone

The secret behind SUNNO A880: Doubtless, you are able to visit this website, read my article reviews and perfectly understand everything about the SUNNO A880. We are just showing you how splendid is the new SUNNO A880 and its fantastic features, but somebody who is a direct supplier in China and know very well the Chinese market can talk with authority about the quality of this equipment. Thats why because I can sell you directly from China so you can buy the latest super price. And both understand English as well as Mandarin Chinese, you can make business with me if you’re interested, welcome to those who wish to become distributors and start earning money. Very important news is that our SUNNO A880 not only is a touch screen and Windows 6.5 operating system and 460 MHz CPU, Marvel so the price is a bit more expensive than normal W71 without touch screen and no operating system. I personally think that you are doing a great thing if you are able to purchase this impressive mobile phone. In the next lines I am going to show not only its secret but the features that are part of this useful and beautiful mobile phone.

What about the SUNNO A880?

Using this mobile phone make me feel more comfortable and it price is very affordable if you compare with other mobile phones in the market. Despite of this, it is a very beautiful cell phone that is gorgeous and contemporary. In order you can be well informed about the SUNNO A880 cell phone, this fresh release from SUNNO comes with amazing features that we are going to describe in the following lines.

-SUNNO A880s shape and design: I like a lot the design of this SUNNO A880 because is very curved and elegant. Its design is very propel for girls and people that are lovers of modernist designs in mobile phones.

-Screen and display: The SUNNO A880 comes with 3.2 HQVGA screen with remarkable colors and relaxed and high quality vision.

-Memory features: The memory is one of the most important features that we often are evaluating when we attempt to purchase a mobile phone. In the case of the SUNNO A880 we should consider that. You can even add more memory through the use of a MINI SD device for enhance your capabilities.

-WI-FI and connectivity and Camera: This is a great feature that you can enjoy in the SUNNO A880 which is available for high speed internet connection as well as GPS for navigation and positioning and 5.0 Mega pixel Camera with Flashlight

-Software and operating system: Furthermore, you will able to run in your SUNNO A880 cell phone most of the products of Microsoft such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word; everything in a single mobile device.

-SUNNO A880s performance: This mobile phone has an excellent performance thanks to its processor running to 460 MHZ and with 128MB RAM.

-Audio and Video: This is a perfect media player for both video and audio with the best quality you ever expected and supporting the most popular audio and video formats.