South Africa Releases Fresh Work Permit Quota’s

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa that issues work permits, business permits, spousal and life partner permits, relatives permits and retired permits has just announced a new permit quota list.

This is designed to reflect the skills requirements that may be filled by immigrants desiring to relocate in South Africa.

Business permit allocation

South Africa has long realised the charge to safeguard that industry and commerce has a connection to the required skills in demand, more than ever with the extensive investment taking place for the 2010 world cup.

While South Africa has a first class education system and developed labor force, it is recognised that in a few avocations there is a talent shortage. To aid the migration process under the business permit category Home Affairs regularly reviews what qualifications are in short supply and publishes a quota work permit list. This requirements document allows immigrants to apply for a quota work permit which means the potential immigrant can consider a work permit before receiving an offer of employment, in essence simplifying the overall immigration application process.

Which talent are in demand?

After much deliberation between the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and feedback from the major South African companies, Home Affairs published the most up to date directory of limited occupations this year. Potential immigrants seeking employment in these occupations can apply for permits enabling them to reside and work in South Africa.

Considering the reality of economic growth in South Africa Home Affairs prioritises technical and engineering professions. In fact any Industrial engineer qualifies automatically, but it remains well worth a look at the employees in demand in some detail.

Due to public and private investments in core projects foreigners with a background in the construction industry are most sought after. Included in the quota jobs are Civil engineering technicians, CAD technicians, Draftsperson, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers and technologists. In the manufacturing industries Home Affairs offers quotas for occupations such as Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers and Inspectors, Pipeline Engineers, Refrigeration Engineer, Manufacturing Technicians, Mechanical Draughtsperson and Technicians, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Technicians. In the aviation industry immigrants with backgrounds such as Aeronautical Engineers, Avionics Engineers and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are invited to apply for the quota work permit. In the electronics sector, South Africa requires employees that are experienced as Electrical and Mechatronics Technicians, Electronic Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Autotronics and Electromechanical Technicians. Recently Home Affairs also included some craftsman that can apply for immigration such as precision metal workers, fitters and turners, toolmakers, boilermakers, coded welders and millwrights.

In other areas Home Affairs has recognised the importance of BPO for economic stability and has included Call Centre and Contact Centre Managers under the quota system. In the information and organisation professionals notably jobs for actuaries, risk assessors, statisticians, and economists are accessible for quota professions.

The mining sector is of value to the South African economy. This is reflected by the fact that Home Affairs offers immigrants in the professions Earth Science Technicians, Mining Engineering, Geologists and Geophysicists the ability to get residence and work permits.

Other industrial professionals covered are agriculture and forestry, biotechnology, pharmacology, astronomy, the chemical industry and food technology. Finally South Africa appears to be suffering from a skills shortage in Jewellery Makers and Maths and Science Teachers.

It is important to note that Home Affairs will investigate if the proposed immigrant has the right skills as well as five years of relevant work experience before granting the quota work permit for South Africa.