Sentrysafe G1459e 14-gun Electronic Lock Safe

Product Details

The SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe is a very secured safe that’s capable of safe keeping 14 guns. The product has advanced safety measures as we all put important and valuable things inside a safe. To begin with, it has a strong steel door that’s completely pry-tolerant and carries hidden hinges. This ensures complete protection against any form of theft. Aside from the drill resistant steel plate, it also has three steel live locking bolts and 3 dead bolts. Furthermore, it also comes with a LED lock for access. With all these security measures, this model meets the firearm security device requirements of the California Department of Justice.

The inside part of the G1459E is carpeted so as it could give a secure and soft rest to its contents. Additionally, the product would seem to be more high-end and elegant because of the vibrant chrome and satin color combination. Users never whine about the space too. You can organize and stack neatly the accessories and ammunitions you place in the safe as it has fixed shelves. SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe interior dimensions are 58.8″ H by 20.8″ W by 12.9″ D. The battery power weighs 182 pounds.

Technical Highlights

.Durable safe with 14 gun capacity
.Pry-resistant metallic door (with hidden hinges)
.Three dead bolts and 3 steel live securing bolts
.Digital LED lock for access
.Carpeted interiors and permanent shelves for neat and tidy storage
.Battery powered and weighs in at 182 pounds

SentrySafe G1459E Review

Individuals who buy SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock were all pleased about the product’s overall performance. To start with, it offers outstanding storage space. Buyers who have several guns have found nothing to complain about. Nevertheless, some owners use to safe keep jewellery pieces and other significant items too and the only thing they had mentioned is that it will actually work for those stuff if the device has additional compartments. The producers haven’t provided extra compartments as the safe was originally created to keep guns and large spaces are necessary.

There’s enough space for you to add in your very own wooden shelf if you’re keen on your Do-it-yourself. The safety this safe is capable of providing is its main advantage. It will be very easy to change/program your codes, the door opens easily, it has features that can help little ones and robbers stay away from it and you will have fast access to your weapons.

You have to bear in mind that if you are getting the product shipped, it is best if someone is there to assist in unloading, since the package is quite heavy. To sum up, the product is safe, trustworthy and resilient and makes an excellent buy.