Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette or E cigarette is an alternative for people who Cant quit Smoke and looking for an healthy alternative of traditional cigarettes. E cigarette is basically a battery powered device which Vaporize nicotine present in them without producing any toxic smoke. A smoker using Electronic cigarette basically Inhale the nicotine vapors without any toxic smoke. In This article I am going to discuss some Pros and cons of an electronic cigarette.

Pros of Electronic Cigarette :-

It doesnt produce any smoke So You can use it at any place. Also your family and people are you are saved from toxic smoke which is also known as passive smoking.

It is cheaper as compared to Traditional cigarettes especially after the initial purchase. You can save up to 40% in electronic cigarette after using it for 1 year

It is good for your health because it does not contain any tobacco.

You are inhaling Nicotine minus all toxic poisonous gases.

Since it is Battery Operated you dont need to carry any matches or lighters with you

A cartridge of electronic cigarettes is equal to 40 cigarette butts so you dont need to carry that much weight while you are traveling.

No Foul Smell Come from your mouth when you are using Electronic Cigarette.

It comes in lot of flavors like lemon , Hilton, Banana ,Rose giving a lot of options to select from .

Cons of an Electronic Cigarette: –

The initial investment which a person has to make for an electronic cigarette kit is pretty high.

Electronic Cigarette is still not approved by FDA( US Food and Drug Administration)

Electronic Cigarette is banned in lot of countries. Few of them are Thailand, Singapore, Finland and Jordan

When you compare the pros and cons, the pros of an electronic cigarette are much more than cons of an electronic cigarette .The Current market of Electronic cigarette is around $50 million and increasing at very high rate.

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