Love Art National Gallery, London Iphone App Review

Love Art: National Gallery, London (Free)

REVIEW Love It! Love Art: National Gallery, London Is Perfect

Love Art: National Gallery, London is more than an app featuring famous works of art from the great collection in London. It is more than history of art, it is more than commentary on art. This app features the collections of Western European painting from the National Gallery in London. The main menu organizes the paintings into a basic introduction to the gallery, and by artist. Artists include Leonardo daVinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Rembrandt van Rijn.

After selecting an artist, a list of paintings appears. Each painting features commentary, some have extra video or gallery views of several items. The audio that accompanies each painting is thoughtful, provoking and adds to the painting instead of distracting from it. Users will get more than the history of the painting- they will get insight and intrigue.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this app is the Insight feature on the main menu. Tapping this takes the user to a long list of words including trust, vanity, triumph and faith. Selecting one of the words will present the user with a painting selected at random that reflects the word. There are several paintings that relate to each word so go ahead and tap pride several times to see what comes up.

The developer, Antenna Audio, is known for making audio tours for museums. This is their first app that brings the museum experience to an individuals pocket.

Love Art: National Gallery, London is flawless in its concept and presentation. The artwork is clear to view and zoomable so feel free to get a close look at those brush strokes. This app is the perfect blend of education and entertainment and has appeal that stretches beyond the art student.

– Melissa S.

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