Led Tv Prices Were Too High The National Selling Point Can Open Red

Following Samsung, Sony, sharp announce high profile after the transition to a high-end LED LCD TVs, as the technology matures, continental LED LCD TV is also carried out to promote flows, in mid-August, Hisense 47-inch LED LCD TV it fell to Yuan. Skyworth, KONKA, TCL said in “11” before the full range of LED LCD TVs, manufacturers are optimistic about 11 gold selling point.

Compared with traditional LCD TVs, LED LCD TV color and image more expressive power, low power consumption, long life, more safety and environmental protection, its appearance is more lightweight. Due to the excellent characteristics of the LED light source, TV using this technology can enhance the color of a field’s value, make LCD TVs at a lower power consumption to achieve a higher level of brightness and color saturation, and animation performance. For the LCD TV business, which is currently a rare area of new high-end products.

LED TV to promote the reason behind the slow

From May to August, the LED LCD TV listing for 3 months, the domestic market did not see better. According to the household appliance industry market research firm owell consultation of statistical data, in 2009 about domestic LED LCD TV sales in the tens of thousands of traditional LCD TV sales of 11 million units. Store marketing staff complained about the poor LED LCD TV sales are due to high prices.

Samsung 46-inch LED LCD TV prices in more than 21,000 yuan, using edge RGB-LED backlight mode Sony 40-inch LED TV price reach 26,999 Yuan, equivalent to three with the size of ordinary LCD TV price. Hisense, Skyworth 55 inch LED LCD TV price 16,000 yuan, cost about 8,900 a traditional LCD TVs of the same size.

LED LCD TV prices higher because of its high cost of LCD module light source. LED TV backlight was used by light-emitting diodes, this more expensive than ordinary LCD TV light source. Large size LED LCD TVs, backlight can be accounted for to the module cost about 40%, and module costs 70% per cent of total cost of the television. Tsinghua tongfang Wang Xiangdong, Deputy General Manager of the consumer electronics division have said in public in late July, LED backlight involves a number of patented technology, enables TV manufacturers to pay high royalties, led LED LCD TV prices drop down.

China electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo believes that “it requires a certain amount of time”. LED TV price appears this situation main is LED products is is universal early, due to LED TV products scale smaller, in production cost Shang relative traditional LCD TV has is large of gap, while in performance Shang than traditional LCD TV has mass of upgrade, now LED TV also is “has powerful technology strength enterprise launched of, and representative future development direction of products”, overall,, price/performance also is reasonable of interval.

Businesses looking forward to day store

In 2009, however, had become a LED LCD TV clear import period. Foreign TV brands announced their plans in the Chinese LED LCD TV. Jin Rongxia, President of Samsung Electronics in the greater China area marketing made it clear that, 2009 Samsung Electronics aims LED LCD TV in TV sales reached 10% per cent. Sharp data is similar.

Before national day, domestic TV makers will also launch waves of LED LCD TV promotion. Skyworth Zhong Zhifeng, General Manager of Guangzhou Branch introduction, the company will be “11” before and after the launch of 42-inch to 55 inch full range of LED LCD TV product. “We extend primarily to small and medium size. “KONKA head of marketing said, the company will be introduced in the national day new LED LCD TV, and LED two series of promotional projects have been completed at the end, when the KONKA 26 inch to 52-inch LED LCD TV product line. At present, the LED LCD TV is primarily large size.

Market practitioners believe that day is the traditional TV season, home-made color TV manufacturers choose national collective racing LED TV, are expected to promote good results. LED LCD TV is TV the next big thing for development, will become the new alternative to traditional LCD TV LED TV products. Seen from a TV total cost of use, to well below the LCD and LED TV CRT TV. In a similarly ordinary LCD TV and Samsung 40-inch LED TV comparison of launch in 2009, and to turn 5 hours a day, each year Samsung LED TV can help consumers save power consumption of 40%, 10 years, saving electricity costs to consumers enough to buy a LCD television.

According to the Office of the China electronic Chamber of consumer electronics survey research data show that consumer LED TV product concern has now reached 75%, the Chinese market this year consumers as much as 34% to buy LED TV. China electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo believes that LED TV become the mainstream market trend and the trend of the times will be coming soon, it is expected that by 2011 more than ordinary LCD TV LED TV market share will be.