Issues while Connecting Camera to iMovie

Video Camera recorder or simply camcorder is an electronic recording device that serves both as a video recorder and a video camera. These devices use optical disks, flash memory and hard disk drives as their storage media and play as major devices used for recording and storing audios and videos. You can connect them to your computer using a USB cable. At times, when you connect these devices to your system, you run into certain issues that might compel you to reformat the media. In such situations, Photo Recovery solutions can help you recovering all the lost files while the unavailability of valid backup.

For an instance, when you connect your DVD, Flash memory or HDD-based camcorder to iMovie ’08 or later, you observe any of the following symptoms:

You attempt to export or import video from the device using iMovie and the application stops responding unexpectedly and fails to export or import the files. While normally trying to use the camera, iMovie reports that it cannot see any camera

iMovie is a Mac application that allows users to edit the videos


To solve problems, such as discussed above, you should follow these steps:

One reason for such behavior could be that you are not using qualified device that could completely support iMovie ’09 and later. So, you need to replace the device.

Try reestablishing the connection to the camera. Perform steps like turning the camera on and off, reconnecting the USB and camera, reopening iMovie, using a different USB cable and restarting the system

Check if the camera is recognized in Apple System Profiler. If it is not, reset the USB connection

If you are using AVCHD DVD camcorder, replace it as iMovie doesn’t work with it without an Intel processor Ensure that camera settings are correct for recording footage, which should be at ‘high quality’ and ‘normal’ settings. Reformat your camera’s DVD, Flash memory or HDD and restore lost footages from backup. Use Photo Recovery Software if the backup is not valid to restore lost files. These Photo Recovery tools enable you restoring all lost photos, videos and audios after loss, while providing graphically rich user interface.

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