How To Spot A Fake Ghd Hair Straightener

If you are looking for a hair straightener that is the best of its kind, then the GHD Iron is for you. It can help you to effortlessly style your hair – whether you want to have straight hair today and curly hair tomorrow, it can all be done with the GHD Hair Straightener.
Being handy and versatile, GHD has been awarded several times in 2009, namely:
?Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2009
?Vogue Beauty Awards 2009 (GHD Spain)
?Hair Beauty Awards.
?Best Hair Styler 2009 by Cosmopolitan and;
?Ultimate Hairstyling Gadget – Reader’s Kiss of Approval 2009 by Cosmopolitan
Many celebrities use GHD Straightener. Audrina Patridge,Lady Gaga, Melanie Blatt, Nicole Appleton and Alesha Dixon are just some of GHD Straighteners celebrity fans.
However, because the broadening popularity of GHD Irons, many products imitating the GHD Straightener is being released in the market. It is therefore necessary to be wary of replicas.
What is the difference between purchasing a counterfeit and the real deal? First, you are not guaranteed about the quality of the product. GHD Straightener has been manufactured and prepared with care and under high quality surveillance, which makes it a topnotch gadget. If you buy the fake one, you may end up damaging your hair. Faulty assembly may even cause fires. Second, if the gadget malfunctions or gets broken, you are not covered under warranty to get the product replaced or fixed. It is therefore best to buy the original product.
But how would you be able to differentiate the real GHD Straightener from the counterfeit? Here are some pointers:
1.Purchase from an authorised dealer in your home country. Search for a reputable store that is authorized to sell similar goods. This way, you can always go back to the store to inquire about your purchased product.
2.Inspect the packaging of your GHD Iron. Does it contain the gadget with a serial number, a disc, a power adapter and an instruction booklet? If not, check with your retailer for a complete package.
3.Register your product online. Check the serial number of the product and register it in GHD’s official website. They will be able to confirm if your product is original or not. You will also be able to see the serial number on the tag fastened to the cord.
4.Design and material of the product. GHD products are made of high-quality materials. If you see a cheap plastic hinge pins on your hair straightener, then it is not authentic.
5.Examine the model number. For the Hot Pink edition, the model number will not contain the letter “B” at the end, since this stands for the Black model.
The GHD Styler IV has many other great features such as the temperature protection to keep you safe, the sleep mode function which allows the gadget to power down if not used for a long time and static-free surface to prevent your hair from clinging on the equipment. Plus it has universal voltage, which allows you to bring it and use it anywhere in the world.