How Can I Track My Wife’s Cell Phone Calls

No one wants to be in a situation where we distrust our wife or girlfriend but with statistics showing that with a climbing divorce rate a climbing rate of infidelity is also tied in to this. Many men ask ‘how do I track my wifes cell phone calls’ out of desperation and a quest for the truth to either set their minds at ease or be informed enough to take the appropriate action.

The problem is it is hard to track your wifes phone calls because the only way you can do this is to have access to her phone and her call history. If this is no t an issue and you can gain access to the phone you may be able to find some interesting information by looking at the call logs which most mobile phones have that list recent calls that have come in and gone out. IF you have these numbers you can start doing some detective work to ascertain who the phone belongs too.

This is made easier if they are home phone numbers as these numbers are considered in the public domain and are therefore available to be listed, publishes and searched for on the internet and in phone directories without an issue. If the number is from a cell phone then you have a more difficult job ahead of you.

If you want the answer to “How to track my wife’s cell phone calls” that are from or to other cell phones you will need to access private databases of companies that have collated a large number of private cell phone numbers form their business activities.