Euclid Vision – The Best Facial Recognition System

Security is a very important aspect and has gained a lot of significance recently. With the threats to human life, it is extremely important to protect the wellbeing of people and safe guard their lives. There are different types of security systems like alarm systems, finger print recognition, facial recognition and much more. Corporate companies, industries, adopt these security measures to prevent loss of life. Government managed public places and privately managed public places too are focusing on this aspect to reduce the risk of damage and loss of human life. In context to security, we shall discuss the role and importance of security systems in an organization. Apart from security, there is another aspect of the facial recognition system. It is widely used on the internet. It may be a little difficult to understand what exactly we are discussing. Well, let us throw some more light on this concept.

Technology has advanced drastically and internet has gained a lot of significance. Several companies are resorting to internet marketing as a part of their advertising strategies. The use of online marketing technique works as a crowd puller and increases traffic on the website. There are different ways in which an organization can promote its product, service or brand name. One such instrument is the video compression technology. It is estimated that by 2013, all forms of video content will account for more than 90% of the global consumer traffic on the internet. The internet infrastructure will increase drastically in the future. In fact, techniques like object based video search, video conferencing, and facial recognition are adopted by various organizations as a part of their promotional campaigns. These technologies offer various benefits and of the most prominent benefit is the IP traffic.

Strengths Of Technology

If you wish to expand your business and increase sales then you must look for a solution provider. There are companies that offer these software solutions that will allow you to upload videos on your portal without eating up too much space. Not just that, you can also initiate video conferencing on your website. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from a company that specializes in video compression technology.

File Size – In spite of uploading video streams on your website, you will have enough free space to put up other content, product pictures, and product descriptions and much more on your website. This is because the software will reduce the file size of a video.

Bandwidth Optimization – When there is higher traffic on your website, you will need more bandwidth else, the portal will operate at a slow speed. The pages may not upload quickly and this can affect your business. Facial recognition and other such techniques are good as long as they are work quickly. However, with advanced technology the encoding size of a video is reduced and this reduces the bandwidth consumption.

There are some other benefits too like cloud based video distribution, personal video systems, digital rights management and so on. The technology can be combined to suit your specific needs. The software can be customized to suit your business requirements. There are different codes that can be used for different needs.