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Dual SIMs GSM Phone ($ 103 usd)

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Bulk Wholesale GSM+CDMA Dual Sim Cards Dual Standby Cellphones With Rotate Screen Direct From China Wholesale Electronics Online Shopping. It supports Dual sim cards dual standby (GSM+CDMA) + TV + FM + Dual Bluetooth + High-resolution dual camera + 2.4″ + Multiple languages.

Knowledge of Dual Band Mobile Phone

In the development of GSM in a few short years, GSM900MHz become the world’s leading digital network standards, the vast majority of the world’s GSM operators have opted for the 900MHz band. GSM900 frequency is currently increasing scarcity of resources, the development of cell phone network has become a bottleneck. 1992, ESTIMOV recommended personal communications network (PCN) program. This system was initially known as the DCS1800 and GSM900 their technology is very similar, later renamed GSM1800. GSM dual-band GSM network is in fact the two-band digital mobile communication system network stack. The biggest advantage of dual-band cellphone is not in the user aware of the state, two in the 900MHz and 1800MHz networks automatically choose the best services to the most open and automatically switch channels to avoid the phenomenon of the dropped calls. Even in a weak signal, dual band cell phone also has good call quality. China Wholesale GSM+CDMA Dual Sim Cards Dual Standby Cellphones Specification

Frequency: GSM900/1800Mhz/CDMA
Type: Dual sim -dual standby (GSM+CDMA) with TV
TV: Analog TV
Speaker: Dual speakers/3D stereophonic systeam
Memory: Built-in 197K/256M T-flash attached
Size: 97.8*48.2*25.11mm
Weight: 150g
Bluetooth: Dual Bluetooth
FM: Support FM
Camera: High-resolution/network camera
Display: 2.4 inch/QVGA Screen/260K colors
Standby time: 3-10 days
Talk time: 3-7 hours
Battery Li-ion: 1500mAh battery
Main function: TV, Bluetooth, FM, MP3/MP4, GPRS, WAP
Additional: E-mail, E-book, DV, Voice recorder, Incoming photo display, Calendar, Alarm, Note, Stopwatch, Games
Multi-languages: English, German, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Viet, Italian, Portuguese, Persian