Dnse Technology Present On The Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a massive success with consumers worldwide thanks to cutting edge technology along with a slim a stylish design. One area of this phone that really stands out is its excellent audio capabilities. Here we look at these features in a little more detail and see what makes this model such an excellent portable music player.

The S2 uses the Touchwiz music player which is part of the Touchwiz user interface that Samsung use on this model. The player enables users to have a lot of control over exactly how their music sounds. The device boasts an array of preset sound settings to make your music sound as good as possible and there is also a custom option which allows you to create a sound setting that is perfect for you. Alongside these setting their is also DNSe technology incorporated to give you the clearest possible sound. DNSe stands for Digital Natural Sound Engine and the system aims to deliver the ultimate audio experience to the user. This overcomes the limitations associated with headphones and small loudspeakers by producing a natural deep low frequency sound along with an enhanced stereo effect. When you listen to a track on this device there is no doubt that the sound is impressive and if you wanted to watch a film on the handset you have the added bonus of virtual 5.1 channel surround sound. Music on the Galaxy S2 can be sorted by album, artist or song title and you also have the option to create your own playlists. Cover artwork is supported by the phone and there is also a neat option to look up the song that is currently playing on YouTube or via a Google search.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 includes an FM radio which is a great alternative to listening to your own music collection. The phone uses the headset as an antenna so this option is not great if ou want to use the phones built in loudspeakers but is perfect for whilst you are on the move. The tuner includes RDS technolgy which enables details of the station name to be displayed on screen along with various other information. A nice simple interface accompanies the tuner presenting you with a dial on screen which you can adjust to tune in to the station that you require. Up to 8 of your favourite stations can be stored on the phone which saves you having to retune every time you want to switch stations. Whether you are listening to MP3 files or a radio station you cannot help but be impressed with the sound quality that the S2 produces. Despite being one of the slimmest phones available the device still packs plenty of punch in the speaker department and this quality is maintained when you plug in a pair of headphones.

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone with superb audio features then you will struggle to find a better phone the Samsung Galaxy S2. Not only does the handset offer excellent software with a clean and simple interface but also a high standard of audio quality that you would not normally associate with a handheld device.