Differences Between Dual-band, Tri-band Four-band Mobile Phones

Dual-Band Cell Phones
Since the surge in the number of mobile phone users, resulting in a mobile communication network system overload state, which will lead to the final result when the phone is prone to similar communications dropped, crosstalk, voice quality is bad, difficult access and other symptoms . To solve the above symptoms, there is now a growing number of mobile operators and manufacturers are beginning to realize this and continue to take measures to further expansion of mobile networks, so GSM1800Mhz they came into being, although this has known as the DCS1800 (Digital Cellular System) system has just started, but because of its appearance, so based on GSM900, 1800’s dual-band network consists of a dream into reality. Use GSM900/GSM1800 dual mobile phone, users can switch between GSM900 and GSM1800, can effectively avoid the past, dropped calls, poor call quality problems and difficulties.
Tri-band Cell Phones
So-called “tri-band” is contained three operating frequency, operating frequency of these three is GSM900Mhz, DCS1800Mhz and PCS1900Mhz, then so on, so-called “tri-band mobile phone” is that the phone can receive GSM900M, DCS1800Mhz and PCS1900Mhz three a frequency band signals, from which to choose, who’s signal strength to a base station with which the signal, if one access barrier, the freedom to do a band signal. It actually is to expand the mobile phone through rate only. More concentrated in some areas of mobile phone users, especially the right to use tri-band mobile phone, tri-band phone for the flexibility in the GSM900, DCS1800 and PCS1900 switch between, to always maintain the call continued. The PCS1900 trillion network in North America (U.S., Canada), commonly used in the field of communications network segment.
Since tri-band phone can work simultaneously in three different frequency segments, hence tri-band mobile phone is undoubtedly the three network characteristics. From a technical point of view, GSM1800 because of the high frequency band, making the signal penetration ability, so the tall buildings of the complex environment can bring good call quality and communication coverage; and PCS1900 channels in North America (U.S., Canada) area have good communication skills, which for those who frequently travel on intercontinental business people is needed. For operators, the three-band network construction, is completely alleviated the GSM900 band and the capacity of the existing problems, making the network was further optimized, the peak traffic hot spots are effectively alleviated through rate higher, so that business is greatly enhanced. Using the tri-band mobile phone, roaming through the tri-band network, the phenomenon will greatly reduce dropped calls, incoming and outgoing will be more free. Tri-band phone allows users to freely communicate with 120 countries on five continents. If you are a frequent need for users to travel around the world, then the tri-band phone will make you more smooth!
Quad Band Cell Phones
Quad-band phone that supports four-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz cell phone network. For example, you are now in China is to use 900MHz band network, if one day you go abroad to other countries, the national network is 1900MHz band, and you even opened the international roaming, your cell phone does not support this band because of the network, can not be used.
The current GSM standard mobile phone networks are commonly used in the four standard 900M and 1800M bands are also different provinces of the country Calvary only 900M in some places such as Hebei Mobile, and some places only the 1800M as Anhui, 900M and 1800M are some places like Guangdong, but the domestic GSM dual-band phones are automatically switched without worry.