Dangerous Things About Cell Phones

Cellular phones, practically everyone has one. Some even have a couple! I can’t imagine how I can manage deadlines and communicate with my peers or clients without the use of cell phones. However, despite this technological wonder. One should be wary and careful of its dangers. Well the cell phone itself isn’t really dangerous but rather how it’s being misused. Humans are always an enigma, give them a tool to improve themselves and we always manage to screw it up.

1. Do you know that on average the mobile cell phone has more bacteria than your toilet seat (What!?). No kidding, for a device we constantly put in contact with our cheeks it’s a potential colony for millions of bacteria. Now I’m wondering, perhaps because most cell phones have vibrating alerts? Well, researchers explained that this is mainly because mobile phones come in contact more with a lot of different parts compared to toilet seats. More so, these phones are kept in locations like pockets and bags with comfortable temperatures for bacteria to flourish. I guess it’s about time you start shopping for a cheap phone sanitizer huh?

2. Each year, about 21% of fatal car crashes involving teenagers between 16 and 19 involve use cell phones while driving. Kids today, they are just too stubborn to learn. It’s not just kids though, statistics show that almost 50% of drivers between 18 to 24 are texting while driving. What, now adults too? I just couldn’t figure why in the world couldn’t one driver just put his mobile phone aside while driving. The millisecond of distraction caused by misusage of cell phones would be enough to get you in front of the wrong lane then bam!

3. Cell phones are now popular tools to get kinky photos and a gazillion of sex scandals have surfaced and have freely been published on the net because of these mobile phones. No wonder, every guy would always insist to have a camera on their phone and not just any camera, they usually look for mega pixel cameras when they shop. What’s worse, it’s been a lot easier for minors to publish nude photos of themselves in their private rooms because of these mobile phones. So if you have a teenage daughter, I really suggest you take a peek on her phone and make it a rule that while your children are living with you, their phones are not private.

Bottom line, you can potentially get in trouble or worse die because of your cell phone. Yep, sounds too silly it’s almost funny, however if you look at your surrounding and observe people mindlessly chatting and texting away on their cell phones, you can’t help but wonder, is this the beginning of humanity’s end?