Cool iPhone 5 Accessories

So now you’ve got your hands on the new iPhone 5, and now it’s time to pick up some accessories for it. Here is a mix of seven quality accessories to both protect your iPhone and to help you enjoy your new toy to the fullest.

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker

You can listen to the audio from your iPhone loud and clear with the X-Mini II Capsule Speaker. The device wasn’t made specifically for iPhones, but that hasn’t stopped many iPhone users from enjoying it.

The X-Mini II is a very small device that delivers big sound. It’s barely bigger than a golf ball, but owners of the little gadget rave about its excellent sound quality. There are over 1,300 mostly positive customer reviews on Amazon.

iZZi Orbit Camera Accessory

This one is really cool! Sure, there are lots of camera apps for your iPhone, but the iZZi Orbit Camera is actually a physical case that enhances your camera. It comes with interchangeable lenses, and you can choose to take photos with a Fish Eye, Wide Angle, or Telephoto lens. The lenses can turn standard photos into up-close, wide, super zoomed, and as the company puts it, -wonderfully warped- photos. You can buy the entire device (costs more than $200) or you can buy the lenses separate. Stingray Premium Leather Back by Valentine Goods

Do you like to be unique? Well your iPhone 5 is sure to stand out from the crowd with a Stingray leather back by Valentine Goods. The unique leather back is stylish, and it’s made with a special adhesive that makes it secure but also easy to remove.

Stingray leather backs are available in different colors, finishes and textures.

ShockDrop Case

If you tend to drop or bang your phones, a ShockDrop Case would be a good investment for your expensive new toy. There are more cases being sold than anyone can count, but the ShockDrop offers excellent protection for a decent price. It has 6mm worth of shock absorbing silicone at the corners, a screen protector, and tear resistant flaps. Another popular (but slightly more expensive) protective case is the Otterbox Defender Series. It has three layers of protection, screen protector, and a belt clip.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

The name -Bose- is synonymous with sound quality, and the Bose IE2 Audio Headphones don’t disappoint. On, over 800 customers have left ratings and reviews for the headphones, and the average rating is a very impressive 4 stars.

Yes, they cost much more than most conventional earbuds, but conventional earbuds can’t match the sound performance of the IE2 headphones. They’re enhanced with acoustic design to make music sound clearer and more natural, and they’re also constructed in a way that gives them maximum in-ear stability. iOttie Universal Car Mount Holder The iOttie Car Mount Holder features a one-touch system that makes it very easy to mount in your car. The device locks and releases with a push of your finger. You can adjust the device with a simple turn of a knob, and you can easily rotate your iPhone between portrait and landscape viewing angles. The large and strong suction pad can securely mount to your windshield or dashboard, and it is easily removable.

The iOttie car mount allows you to talk hands-free and to use your iPhone as a GPS. The iOttie Flex 2 Mount Holder has over 500 reviews on and a very solid average rating of 4 stars. Belkin Armband

If you’re into physical fitness, you’ll find the Belkin EaseFit Armband very useful. You can have your iPhone 5 strapped to your arm while you listen to your music and workout.

The Belkin EaseFit is made of Lycra and neoprene, and it is very light, breathable, flexible, and it fits snugly around your arm.

Sam Jones the author is very pleased with his new iPhone 5 he has just bought himself.