Class 4 Softswitch – An Essential Technology for Carriers

Class 4 Softswitch technology is rightly considered irreplaceable in the tele-communication industry today. It offers multiple features with high reliability and security with low cost and time saving set up. Read on to learn more and the best way to find one for your business.

Starting a telecom service company providing VoIP and successfully running it requires huge investments and extensive skill and knowledge of the switching, billing and routing services. To top it off, you need to be aware of the market scene too, like any good marketer. In the telecom business, if you are a carrier, you know that your business is constantly on. Therefore, you need high level of competency when it comes to the systems used or the skills of the people you employ.

For an individual or a party who are newly venturing into the telecom industry, starting with a smaller VoIP service or even a large one, outsourcing could be the smartest way to do it. Many carriers adopt this method and are consequently making profits. By outsourcing their switching, billing and routing services, carriers can benefit in many ways. They can avoid the huge investment usually required for building an infrastructure to house their business and all the hardware and other physical components. They also save the investment required for owning or managing VoIP Softswitch and Operations Support System and so on.

In addition, to avoid running into delays while obtaining excessive funds, building infrastructure setup, or recruiting or training a team, carrier or wholesale VoIP operators are going for Next Generation Class 4 Softswitch technology. Softswitch and billing platform providers are also increasingly availing the Class 4 Softswitch feature in their service. Since its coming, the Class 4 Softswitch technology has become irreplaceable in the telecom industry with more carriers demanding it and eventually service providers adopting them.

The Class 4 is noted for its exceptional and integrated capabilities. It is one of the most powerful and robust signaling engine the telecom world has, enabling its clients to provide a quality carrier grade VoIP services. With its high performance, it also simplifies the the network management and monitoring tasks while securing it too. More notable features of this softswitch is its high reliability, scalability, accuracy and more.

If you are looking for a capable service provider, remember that you are handing over a large portion of your business through the outsourcing deal. The efficiency of the service provider becomes pivotal to the success of your business. Therefore, research extensively on every service provider that you consider. Find out if it can get your business up and running in the shortest time. Find out the fee for all the services provided by the company and compare it with others’. Scalability is crucial, the company should be able to provide you multiple scalability options and be able to do it at the quickest. There should also be flexibility with the service plans, in other words the service provider should be able to give you just what your business needs.

Apart from good service, the service provider should also render support services with undivided attention and high caliber. Check up on the history of the company, it credits, success and failure records etc.., to help you choose wisely. While it is important to learn as much as you can about the company providing the class 4 Softswitch services, knowing your own business’ requirement is a must. That knowledge should serve you as a standard while you search and compare various service providers.

The writer is associated with vSwitch, an internationally acclaimed name amongst Softswitch vendors.