China Mobile (chinese Mobile Phones) Best Quality In Low Price

They might not be right to project the so called kudos but they seem to serve the masses these days. They have made it possible for the auto -walas to afford a phone with multimedia and added features. The China phones are playing a remarkable role in making mobile phones a retreat for common man. So what actually is the punch or the caption that lies behind the China Brand? Well its to design a cheap replica of top- shelved giants that are basically the most desirable and talked about phones. You are pretty likely to find lots of Nokias, K-Touchs and LPhones. But does their apparent lack of originality mean that they are unreliable? I dont really think so, especially after personally experiencing their ruggedness and stability.

The biggest factor that governs the sale of china mobile phones is there price. Most of these phones are tagged almost half of what the original versions cost. For example one of the model named M888 is an Apple Iphone look alike with 3.2 inch screen, mp3 player supporting lyrics and complemented with dual loudspeakers, Video formats include 3GP and MP4 with full-screen play at 320 x 240 resolution, 2.0 megapixel camera, 51MB inbuilt memory along with a free 128MB Memory Card (expandable upto 4GB), Data Transfer facilities include Bluetooth (voice/data/music) or USB cable. Java 2.0 Game Platform and other features include TV-out and IP dialing. On one place where the Apple Iphone is available in market for about 30000 INR your can get M888 for 8000 to 10000 INR. There is a whole of basic to futuristic phones available dirt cheap.

Off course, questions regarding whether one should invest in something so rickety do come up. But when youre going to throw away your cell phone after a maximum of two years in any case, would it be a 30,000 or an 8000 one. Many people, which include a lot of teenagers and low income groups, are using Chinese phones in India and they seem to be happy. Even people on forums have given positive response. So; really there is nothing to worry about the durability. As for the guarantee part, do we really use our phones for anything more than 2 years? I dont think so. Technology moves so fast, and promises that youll have twice as faster phones in 2 years than you have today. Then why not stick to something thats cheaper, AND shinier?

The note you should make is to handle it with care. You cannot expect these phones to fall, dismantle and still be working like your Nokia handsets. You better of sick to pass it on rather than catch it mate. As far as performance is concerned you dont need to worry because the screen is as vibrant and colorful and the sound is as loud n clear as you want it to be. What you do check is the accessory part. Sometimes the case may be missing the program CD or may be attachment, thus you might have to investigate before you buy.