Cell Phones Have Had The Bad Effects On Our Life

Usually, we honour cell-phone as a great invention of mankind. However, we can not ignore the negative impacts appearing with the popularization of mobilephones.

There’s an old saying, “Every coin has two sides.” At the beginning of phone-using, people are too cheerful and too excited to realize the possible troubles caused by cell phones in the future. But nowadays, the more popular mobile phones are, the more problems we have found. Badly, I even regard the invention of mobile phone as a terrible threaten to human beings.

Here, I’ll give you two most common examples to show you that cell phones really have made bad effects on human life.

1 For Students

Even in the primary schools do you can find cell phones here and there. With a mobile phone in hand, students are apt to play with that all the time, both on class and after class. They may chat with friends by sending massage texts or making a call. Also, they might use the cell phone to play games or search the Internet.

All in all, they don’t realize that they should not use the mobile phone in some occasions. They just think it as a convenient tool to do whatever they like to.

2 For Drivers

Drivers are apt to overuse mobile phones. They always are not the person who make the calls, but are just those who behaviour to answer the calls. Is this situation better than that of students? Never!

Don’t forget, and never forget that, they are drivers, drivers! They are drivers who are responsible for not only themselves, but also the people who are in their car or bus. It’s so dangerous to pick up the cell-phone calls while driving. And it’s totally improper to use the mobile phone when a person is acting as a “driver”.

In the end, I just want to call on everyone to use cell phones in a decent way. Overusing mobile phones is really bad for yourself and sometimes for your friends, families. Cell phone has had negative effects on our life, try to avoid or reduce such impacts from now on.