Cell phone jammer, a good way to ensure privacy and safety

Cell phones today have become necessity without which we cannot imagine our lives. It is very convenient to have a cell phone and being able to talk to our friends and family any where and at any time. But, this comes with a price. The sound of a cell phone ringing can be very irritating to some people and can be disturbing too many people. That is why, many public places utilize cell phone jammers or cell phone blockers. A cell phone jammer works by sending counter signals which interfere with the original signals from and to the phone, there by rendering the phone useless.
This device has been very useful in public places such as Restaurants, Theatres, Hospitals, Gas Stations, Conference Rooms, Concerts, places of worship, etc. In some of the places privacy is given priority and in some places safety is given the priority. In places such as Restaurants, Theatres, Conference Rooms, Concerts, Places of worship, etc privacy is given importance. In places such as Hospitals and Gas stations, safety is given priority because a ringing cell phone in a gas station can ignite the fuel. In hospitals cell phone signals can interfere with the medical equipment.
In all the above places, one can find signs saying cell phones not allowed. But, many people do not seem to follow the rule. This is when a cell phone jammer can come very much in handy. A cell phone jammer can be very effective up to a range in successfully rendering the cell phone useless in that particular range.
A cell phone blocker works by sending strong signals which interfere with any cell phone signals in the range. These signals are of same frequency as that of cell phone and once in range the jammer signals interfere with the cell phone signals and they both cancel out each other. Thereby making the cell phone unusable. In this way a cell phone jammer can be used to block 2G, 3G and CDMA cell phone signals.
Cell phone jammers can be bought according to specifications such as 2G, 3G, CDMA, etc and also depending upon the range of device ie. either 15 feet, 30 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet or more.
There are numerous models and designs of cell phone blockers that are available in market. These days, mostly the sleek versions such as pocket cell phone jammers are becoming a popular choice for households.
Application of these devices can help in improving the efficiency at work place. As people will not be able to receive unnecessary calls during the office hours, there by increasing the work efficiency and saving a lot of office time.
These days, cell phone blockers are also being equipped with other signal jamming such as Wifi signals and GPS signals.
A hybrid version can include cell phone, wifi and GPS jammers. And the cost of these devices is also very low. They can be bought online where the prices are far lower than in any stores.
The best way to buy these cell phone blockers is through online shopping portals. One can find a huge number of branded cell phone blockers with a wide variety of models. The cost of these gadgets is very low and can be affordable by any household.