Buy a Cell Phone – Complete Mobile Phone Shopping Guide

Nothing in the history of human technology has gained as much popularity or necessity as the cell phone other than maybe the personal computer. They allow you to be in contact all of the time anywhere in the world (providing you have reception). You can do more than just talk these days. These phones let you surf the web, play games, text, and even send and read email. Digging through the many service plans and accessories can be a very difficult task for even most veteran users. Read on to learn how to get the perfect service plan and phone for your wireless needs.

Choosing to buy a cell phone and a service plan to match is going to take some research and some work, so do not expect to find your perfect match overnight. Cell phones are no longer just a convenient way to keep in touch audibly, they are a lot more since their first appearance in high tech culture. These days you may find yourself checking your e-mails, sending pictures and text messages, keeping track of your stocks or world news, editing and reading business documents, listening to your favorite MP3 songs, or adding new personal and business contacts via your laptop computer.

When shopping for a phone, your choice of wireless service can alter which type and model you will be using. A wise plan of action is to shop for your carrier first. Finding out the best coverage and monthly pricing plans for your area will make your experience with your phone more enjoyable. Remember, even the best phone will be worth squat to you if you do not have a good carrier. While some accessories will work with many models, most phones will work only with one mobile carrier due to the exclusivity of their networks. Most providers lock their phones so you are less likely to leave their wireless network so remember that the wireless network is your phone’s life support.


What is a smartphone? Basically it is a cell phone but with the added capability of running document type applications and comes with a alphabet keyboard style pad, usually it is the Qwerty. Aside from that, the smartphone has more memory and a larger screen for browsing the Internet and sending emails. As far as media goes, a smartphone is also a perfect way to watch movies, video, and listen to MP3s. Most smartphones are now also 3G phones.

3G Phones

3G cellular phones are basically third generation mobile technology phones that allow you to transmit data (Internet) in larger amounts at a much faster rate, 2 megabits to be exact. This is far faster than the original speeds previously available (19 kilobits per second). So if you have documents you need to send to your boss or associates, a large amount of email messages to send, need to surf the web for research, or need to send video or images often then this is the generation of phone you will be wanting to acquire.

While a 3G phone is a great technological advancement, a third generation phone is only going to be as good as the network it is on. As a matter of fact, some areas may not carry 3G services at all, so make sure to ask your dealer if your area can even take advantage of the data speeds.

Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all claim to carry the same data rates for their select 3G phones. The keyword spoken is “select”. Make sure you understand which phones will actually be compatible with the 3G networks and what speeds your actual phone can handle as well. You will want to ask if your phone is compatible with either the EvDO or HSDPA networks, if not, then you may want to seek out another phone that is.

GSM Phones

While there is a wireless standard for the United States, many countries will use additional wireless standards that can cause many problems for any US citizen traveling abroad with their US bought phone. GSM stands for the Global System for Mobile communications. If you plan to travel outside of the United States then you will want to entertain the possibility of owning a Quadband phone. Quadband means your phone runs off of four world frequencies being USA (850 Mhz and 1900 Mhz), Europe, and Asia.

If you plan to travel to rural areas within your own backyard (United States) then look into purchasing a tri-mode phone which can run off of an analog channel and two digital frequencies for additional coverage in in those low coverage areas.

Phone Body Styles

It is becoming where no one person has the same style of phone these days. They have different names such as the candy bar (phones that slide open from either the side, top, or bottom), the swivel (phones that twist to expose the phone functions), and the ever so common clamshell (flip phone). A quick tip to remember when choosing your phone style is that if your phone comes equipped with the keypad exposed on the outside, make sure it has a key lock. You do not want to be calling everyone under the sun while walking with your phone in your pocket.

Style vs. Function

Regardless of the newest trend or fad, make sure the style you choose is one that works for you. Testing the comfort of the phone against your ear is not commonly practiced, but you will find quickly you will have wished you had tested it once your ear gets sore and raw from your various hour long conversations. Also practice answering the phone to see how easy it is for you to operate and see the caller ID, having an easily accessible phone can help reduce unnecessary last minute stress when finding your phone in the first place. Although smartphones will add some bulkiness for talking, their keyboards are necessary for ease of many functions such as typing and web browsing. You may have to sacrifice some talking comfort. If you can find a medium between function and comfort, you may have found your match.


Newer phones can give you a lot of talk time compared to the cellular devices of the past. These days a phone can give you up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 14 days if used with a standby function. Remember, not all phones will have this lasting power but more and more are getting this power efficiency added to their battery life. It is important to remember though, that the higher the bandwidth your phone uses, the more battery life can be drained from your phone. Also remember that the more functions you use on your phone, the more battery life you can expect to use as well. Some phones have additional options such as larger capacity batteries for an additional charge, this may be an option you will need.

Phone Screens

Now if you plan to use your phone almost exclusively for phone calls then your screen shouldn’t be too much an issue. As long as you can see outgoing and incoming calls, you should be okay. If you plan on utilizing a 3G or higher device a larger screen will be necessary to properly view the web, emails, etc. Make sure you are able to tweak with the back light settings of your phone before you buy it to check it’s visibility under different lighting situations.

Touch Screens

While the concept of the touchscreen phone is relatively the same, not all touchscreens function the same. Some screens can register more than one touch activation at one time. This kind of screen is called a multi-touch. A multi-touch screen will let you manipulate an object while it is being touched such as swivel, twist, zoom, drag, etc. Single touch screens register one touch at a time with your finger and while it may seem less zesty, it can also help save you from accidentally doing more than you intended to. A good touchscreen phone should allow you to adjust sensitivity settings that work better with your own personal style, or should we say, personal touch.


If you are purchasing a smartphone then you will be running into what is called a Qwerty keyboard. These keyboards have the alphabet on them as well as punctuations to help type out emails and texts more efficiently. Qwerty usually comes as an addition to the dialing pad. Aside from smartphone keypads, make sure your numeric dialing pad is just as easy to use. Smaller buttons can tend to get in the way of each other causing miss dials. If you must sacrifice your dial pad for convenience of size, make sure your phone comes equipped with voice activated dialing. Obviously this will help you make calls easier, not to mention help you comply with local cell phone laws.

Operating Systems

If you are purchasing a smartphone then you will want to understand a little about the operating systems available. Just like your computer has an operating system, so does your phone. Here are the current operating systems: Windows Mobile OS, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Mac OS, Google Android

Palm OS: Good Productivity Software and Easy Learning Curve

Microsoft OS: Microsoft Office and Great Phone Compatibility

Symbian OS: Good Productivity Software but LessUser Friendly

Mac OS: Optional Paid Download Applications

Google Android: Optional Download Applications

Common Cellular Phone Features

Mobile phones come with all types of internal management features such as phone book, calendar, speed dial, call history, voice activated dialing, photo albums, dial pad lock, and more. As well, many phones come equipped with hardwired features such as speaker phone, cameras, and even walkie talkie features. As you can imagine, there are many additional options that you may want or need so pay close attention to features available with the phone you would like to buy and make sure it is going to perform all the tasks you require .


If you drive while using your phone or just prefer to not have your phone pressed up against your face throughout the day, a headset will be an accessory you will be wanting to have with yours. In many cases it will come with a headset, but if not you can pick up one for a fair price. Typical headsets are attached to a wire and in the case you don’t want wires make sure you get a bluetooth equipped phone for wireless conversations. Most smartphones come bluetooth equipped.

Choosing Your Cell Phone Provider

While many wireless carriers will boast in their commercials of their network reliability, only usage will tell. Ask friends and co-workers which networks they use for their phones and if you still are not sure go with a carrier that gives you a 30 day trial basis. The major carriers with the most vast networks are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and T-Mobile. It is suggested you go with one of these carriers for the best chance at getting reliable coverage.

Choosing Your Calling Plan

National calling plans are usually the best packaged deal, even if you use your phone locally. Always try to find a plan that offers free roaming, roaming charges can soar if you ever leave your network and many people don’t even know when they have so controlling roaming costs can be difficult. If you travel outside the country, international roaming is a package add-on must.

Choosing Your Data Plan

If you plan on using your phone for email and the web then a data plan is something you will want either bundled or added on to your monthly bill. Accessing the Internet without such a plan can run into the hundreds when charged by the minute and at a higher price.

Choosing Your Minutes

Free nights and weekends may have you thinking you need less minutes, but be warned, each carrier has their own definition of what “night time” is. Make sure you know when your calls are free and what time their weekends start and end. Pick a minute plan that goes over what you think you’ll use to spare yourself the bill of going over. Minutes go up in price once you max your limit. If the minute plans look to complex because of the amount of minutes, divide them by 60 to get the numerical equal in hours.

Your Contract

The best deals always come with the lengthier contract. 2-3 year contracts usually allow you to get the best calling plan as well as the best phones for less or free. While this may be the route you wish to go, remember that leaving earlier can be very costly when it comes to cancellation fees. If your phone is expensive, make sure to get a warranty and insurance plan for your phone so if anything happens to it, it can be replaced.

Replacing Your Home Phone?

If replacing your home phone then making sure your service will include E911 is going to be vital for obvious safety reasons. Ask your provider and inform them you are replacing you home phone.

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Mining The Gold In Your Cell Phones

Fact: More gold can be recycled from one metric ton of used cell phones than can be refined from 17 tons of gold ores.

Seventeen metric tons of gold ores will yield approximately .51 to 85 grams of gold – that’s 0.3 to 5 grams of gold per metric ton – depending on the location of the mine. In comparison, a ton of obsolete phones can yield as much as 280 grams of gold, about 140 grams of platinum and palladium, and 140 kilograms of copper. Other materials like glass and plastic can also be recycled from the same ton of discarded phones. Throwing an old cell phone to the landfill is basically throwing money down the drain.

The Destructiveness of Gold Mining

Gold mining and refining requires a huge amount of energy and will create by-products that have devastating impact on the environment. The production of one gold ring is said to generate as much as 20 tons of wastes. Toxic heavy metals like mercury and cyanide are also being used extensively in the gold mining and refining process – creating waste that are dangerous to the environment and the surrounding communities.
Gold mining creates an indelible scar on the land, ravaging pristine rainforests, and destroying habitats and ecological niches.

Given the disparity between the amount of gold produced and rate of destruction that gold mining entails, it makes sense that we should conserve, recycle, and keep in the production cycle the gold that we already have. This is where gold recycling and, by association, cell phone recycling come into the picture.

Surface Mining For Gold in Cell Phones

At the moment, recycling precious metals from used cell phones is done on an industrial scale. In Belgium, for example, there is a company called Umicore which process huge amounts of obsolete cell phones and other electronic wastes shipped to them from all over the world. They call the process of extracting gold, silver, platinum, copper, coltan, plastic, and glass from these mountainous piles of old cell phones “surface mining.”

At the end of the process, when all the metals and other reusable materials have been separated, approximately less than half of 1% of the electronic waste remains. This by-product can not be reintroduced into the production stream and is then burned for electricity generation.

Urban mining, anyone?

Some enthusiasts fancy themselves as “urban miners” – collecting old cell phones from friends and neighbors – and doing the recycling process piece by tedious piece,themselves, primarily for the gold found in these old units. It’s become some kind of a hobby for quite a few people, but even if you know what you’re doing, it might not be a good idea to start an urban mining business. The amount of gold you get after a long while is simply not commensurate with the time it takes and the risk of getting poisoned by the industrial chemicals involved, not to mention that at the end of the process, you’ll still be hauling a good amount of debris to the landfill. The giant recyclers turn a profit by processing tons and tons of old phones all at the same time, while making use of practically all materials found in each discarded cell phone.

Cell Phone Recycling: The Win-Win Proposition

In a few years, the metals used in cell phones like gold, copper, coltan, and platinum will be exhausted. These are finite resources after all, and at the rate we’re ming them from the bowels of the earth, the deposits will soon run dry. Cell phone recycling, which enables us to keep as much of these metals circulating within the manufacturing cycle – instead of rotting in the landfills – is an excellent conservation option. And, as we learned about the destructive impact of gold mining on the environment, recycling clearly provides a way to lessen the demand for fresh raw materials, thus protecting the environment, over the long term.

Cell Phone recycling, truly, is a win-win proposition for everyone concerned. The industrial recyclers profit from selling the recycled metals to manufacturers. Cell phone makers are assured of a reliable supply chain of raw materials for years, stabilizing production costs. Finally, all of us win by having modern electronic products affordable and within our reach and because recycling helps protect the planet we all live in.

Bad Credit Mobile Contracts – Get A Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit History

When applying for a mobile phone contract, network operators will require that you pass a credit check to make sure you can make repayments on time – but what if you are experiencing trouble with bad credit history?

There are not many UK companies which offer mobile phones on contracts specifically to people with bad credit, but that doesn’t say you can’t get a mobile phone on a contract with the main mobile phone networks.

Follow the tips below and get approved for a mobile phone contract today! – Even if you have bad credit history. Don’t believe us? – read our testimonials which we receive everyday from satisfied customers!

Tip #1 – Apply Directly Online With T-Mobile, Orange and 3 Mobile

It’s no industry secret! – applying online direct with the mobile phone networks can instantly get you accepted for a mobile phone on contract with a monthly plan. High street retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, Phones4u, etc, all have a stringent credit check criteria. This is because they receive a commission from the network, so they cannot take any risks when signing customers that may not keep up their monthly repayments as they would not get paid their commission. This is why their credit check is harder and the reason why most people with lower than average credit will get rejected when going for a mobile phone on contract via a high street phone shop. Such companies are mainly suitable for people who are more likely to be accepted i.e. people with AAA+ or above average Credit (Not people with bad credit!)

Not many consumers are aware that each mobile network operator also has a different credit checking criteria and that some networks are easier to be accepted for than others.

Out of the 6 UK networks, T-Mobile, Orange and 3 Mobile have the easiest credit checking criteria. But you must apply directly online – to be approved! It’s that simple.

Online credit checks are easier – If you go in store to any of the retailers, you are more likely to be rejected than online. So even if you were refused by T-Mobile or Orange in store, you can be accepted if you apply online with them direct!

Recommended: T-Mobile is the number one choice to go for since they accept many people, even those with bad credit! Do not consider your other options until you have tried T-Mobile. You’re chances of being accepted for a mobile phone contract with T-Mobile are much improved if you apply direct. Apply for a low-end mobile phone with a low end monthly tariff or simply click here to see the deals we have listed with T-Mobile that have excellent approval rates for people with bad credit. Apply Now and get your new contract mobile out on delivery today!

Recommended: Orange is a great second choice to T-Mobile since they accept many customers, even those who have a bad credit rating. There are some great deals to be found, and Orange remains a very popular network.

You are almost guaranteed a mobile phone contract with Orange if you apply direct. Apply for a low-end mobile phone with a low end monthly tariff or simply click here to see the deals we have with Orange that have 100% high approval rates for people with bad credit. Apply Now and get your bad credit mobile out on delivery today!
Recommended: 3 Mobile have been consistently at the front of new mobile technology in the UK. As well as being the first 3G network in the country, they also launched the first video mobile network in 2003 and are continuing to grow from strength to strength.

In their attempts to establish themselves as a leading global network operator, they are very keen on taking on as many customers as possible – even those with bad credit history.

Similarly to T-Mobile, 3 do not openly advertise that they are more lenient in providing bad credit history mobile phone contracts. This is so that they are not flooded with applications from people with adverse credit history, and also because of the stigma that this would give their brand!

You are almost guaranteed a mobile phone contract with 3 Mobile if you apply direct. Apply for a low-end mobile phone with a low end monthly tariff or simply click here to see the deals we have with 3 Mobile that have 100% high approval rates for people with bad credit.

Tip #2 – Avoid Applying For Expensive Handsets and High Monthly Tariffs

As mentioned in Tip#1, we have highlighted the mobile phone deals suitable for people with bad credit. Not many people are aware that when you apply for a pay monthly contract, the credit checking criteria is based upon the value of the specific phone and monthly tariff plan you choose.

The more expensive the handset and the higher the monthly line rental cost, the tougher the credit check. Pay monthly mobile phone contracts work exactly like any other type of loan – the more you borrow, the harder it is to be approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applying for a low-end free handset on a cheaper tariff virtually guarantees acceptance for a pay monthly contract. Do not apply for tariffs more than ?30 per month as you will get declined!

Until you improve your credit rating, the chances of you getting an expensive handset like the Apple iPhone with a contract of ?45 a month is virtually impossible. So steer clear from these expensive combinations and other packages which include free gifts when making your choice.

To make it even easier for you – we have listed the current Top rated and best possible bad credit mobile deals with all the three recommended networks! Best in terms of highest grade of handsets available to those with bad credit.

You are almost guaranteed acceptance for any one of the mobile phone deals we have listed, and the handsets aren’t too bad either! In fact, you’ll be surprised to know they are some of the top selling handsets on the market today – Including HTC, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson!

Simply go to the deals page, click the phone deal of your choice to be taken directly to the checkout page. Apply now and get your bad credit mobile out for delivery today!

Tip #3 – Consider SIM Card Only Contracts
Even Easier Credit Checks & Approval

More minutes, more texts than PAYG

Because no handset is included with the contract, in the eyes of the network this makes you less of a ‘risk’ and therefore you are more likely to be approved for a contract. (as mentioned in Tip#2)

Sim-only contracts come with better inclusive calls and text each month compared to standard contracts, and also come on a 30 day rolling contract instead of the usual 18 or 24 months. This means you can cancel after 30 days and are not bound to a minimum term contract.

Why do we recommend this as an option?

If you already have an existing handset that you’re using and are content with, but are on PAYG, then perhaps you should consider the SIM card only option. Sim-Only deals start from as little as ?10 per month and can offer great value as opposed to PAYG tariffs and normal contract tariffs where a handset is offered!

Cell Phone Spy-how Does It Work

A mobile phone is likely one of the most saleable products out in the market. Totally different makes, styles and colors are created for every people taste and lifestyle. Having a cell phone makes it simpler to communicate it may be by way of text or calls. Other than calling and texting, it’s also possible to cell surf, take footage and videos, play games and also you can also make it a mobile phone spy.

A cell phone spy is used to trace and information all conversation. All calls, textual content and web surfing historical past might be recorded and shall be sent to an internet site of cellular spy. With the intention to do that, it’s important to obtain the cell spy software on the cellular phone of the individual you need preserve track. Once it is installed, it can instantly scout all of the actions carried out on the phone. The owner of the phone is not going to know that software program was put in and that he’s being spied.

All the information collected might be sent by way of a spy web site the place you can monitor all of the actions done. By signing in to the location, it provides you with the total entry on the phones activities. A mobile phone spy is the neatest solution to observe all of the actions of your loved ones, apprentice and others on whom you want to spy. Having a cell spy put in on the telephone, it’ll additionally locate the persons the place about. It’ll report the time, date and site on where the calls and textual content messages had been made.

Although not all cell phones are appropriate with the software program, you’ll be able to have it put in with BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, iPhone, the new Apple iPad and, Windows Mobile. If your telephone just isn’t on the checklist, you can check the website that gives cellular phone spy software and ask what other items is compatible.

Once a cellular phone spy is installed, you don’t have to fret about anything. The proprietor of the cellphone is not going to suspect that he is being tracked. Having this put in is a method of defending your loved ones from dangerous things. Figuring out your households actions as to who they discuss and the place they go to will prevent pointless things to happen. After the software is put in, there is no such thing as a need so that you can sneak and get the individuals cell phone to see what is going on. As a substitute you simply should log in on the spy website to see the records.

Mobile Cell Phone Accessories

Mobile phones these days have become a style statement, rather than just a device to be able to communicate. Technology and fashion have merged to make mobile phones as trendy as possible and also make it a belonging that marks social status. >

Mobile phones come with various additional accessories that make it easier to use as well as have that oomph factor. Smart phones are the hottest topics in conversation everywhere, and top accessories that could be handy with those would be;

Top accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Original Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Protectors (2 Pieces)

Protects the screen from scratches and dust particles.

Official Samsung accessory.

Specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Priced around 9.

Samsung D30 Galaxy Tab Soft Leather Slip Case

Made of pure protective PU leather.

Helps avoid scratches, knocks to your phone.

Branded Samsung product that is exclusively made for galaxy Tab.

The unique d30 technology offers optimum protection.

Easy to slide the phone in and out of the pouch.

Designer look makes it attractive.

Priced around 23.

Dane-Elec 16GB MicroSD HC Memory Card

High Storage capacity for digital content such as high quality pictures, videos, music etc.

Enables easy share of files between digital devices and computers.

High quality along with optimal speed and performance for microSDHC compatible devices.

Price range around 39.

Original Samsung Bluetooth Headset – HM3200

Advanced Multipoint

Slimmest & Sleekest designed headset

BT v2.1+EDR

Talk time up to 4.5 hours

Standby time up to 100 hours

Price range around 30.

BeeWi Bluetooth Dongle

Wireless connectivity to PC via Bluetooth peripherals.

Enables permanent connectivity to the laptop.

Ultra small size makes it ideal for PCs/Laptops/Notebooks.

Enables you to wirelessly print, transfer, stream media files.

Simple and user friendly interface.

Offers data transfer speed of up to 2.1 mbps.

Detects devices up to 10 meter range.

Dimension 1.32 x 1.32 x 0.4cm, Weight 1.6g

Price range around 5. Top accessories for iPhone 4:

Fully covered Carbon fiber case

Made of carbon fiber material, available in elegant black.

Protects your phone from total wear and tear.

Avoids undue scratches, keeps it away from dust, bumps.

Allows access to basic functions without having to remove it.

Flawless fit makes the phone look attractive as it is uniquely designed for Apple iPhone 4.

Price Range around 3.

Feather light rubberized hard case with screen protector

Allows access to all functions on the phone without having to remove it.

Extremely light weight, perfect fit makes it look trendy.

Emaciated quality removes the extra bulk which comes with a smooth matt finish.

Screen protector, cleaning cloth complementary.

Price range around 3.

iPhone 4 bumper

Fits outside the edges of the phone.

Gives protection from sudden bumps, scratches etc.

Slim design avoids bulkiness and helps in better grip.

Comes in various attractive transparent colors.

Helps in preventing call drops as well as improve the reception of the phone.

Price range between 4 – 5.

LCD Screen Protector

Non-Adhesive- it works on vacuum created by air and does not have any sticky adhesive.

Reusable- Since it works on vacuum, it can be removed on and off the screen multiple number of times.

It is so thin that it makes it look like the original glass when applied properly.

It comes with a 3 layer protection which helps to avoid scratches for different angles of the screen and phone.

No stickiness or marks left behind after removing the guard.

Form fitted especially for iPhone 4.

Price range around 4.

3.5mm Male to Male Extension Auxiliary Cable

Allows connecting to any computer digital and non digital audio system.

Comes in classic black and silver color combination.

Extends your connection up to 1.8m.

Price range around 3.

Car Charger

Plugs into the car cigarette lighter slot.

Small, handy and light weight.

Also compatible with Apple iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch 2G (2nd Gen) & iPod 4G (4th Gen).

Price range around 4.

Mains Charger for the Apple iPhone

Simple and elegant design

Proficient circuitry allows for fast and safe charging

3-Pin UK & Eire CE approved

Also compatible with Apple iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch 2G (2nd Gen) & iPod 4G (4th Gen).

Price range around 4.

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Motorola Xoom Information, Stats And Much More

Redefining the tablet by furnishing far more ways to acquire exciting, connect with close friends and continue to be productive for the go, the Motorola XOOM for Verizon Wi-Fi boasts a dual core processor with every core running at 1 GHz, ten.1-inch widescreen HD display, and 3G connectivity (which might be upgraded to 4G in coming months). Winner from the Finest of Exhibit award with the 2011 Shopper Electronics Show (CES), the XOOM also presents assistance for Adobe Flash Participant–enabling you to view the net without the need of compromise.

It runs Search engines’s Android several.0 Honeycomb operating method, which delivers a multi-effect, holographic consumer interface that improves on Android favorites such as widgets, multi-tasking, browsing, notifications and customization. It also provides the newest Yahoo Cellular innovations, including Bing Maps 5.0 with 3D interaction, obtain to above a few million Yahoo eBooks and Yahoo Speak with video clip and words chat.

The Motorola XOOM capabilities an entrance-facing two-megapixel camera for video clip chats through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G LTE via Yahoo Discuss, likewise as a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera that captures video recording in 720p HD. The exhibit delivers console-like gaming efficiency on its 1280 x 800-pixel exhibit, and it functions a built-in gyroscope, barometer, e-compass, accelerometer, and adaptive lighting for new types of programs.

Other features consist of a 32 GB internal memory, storage expansion through optional microSD playing cards (with long term software package upgrade), Wi-Fi-N Wi-Fi networking with Mobile phone Hotspot capabilities, Bluetooth for arms-free units and stereo tunes streaming, obtain to particular and corporate e-mail, HD 1080p video playback, HDMI output for connecting to some compatible HDTV or monitor, and also a 3250 mAh battery for as much as ten several hours of Wi-Fi internet browsing.

The Motorola XOOM will present 3G/Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity at launch. Verizon Wireless will offer you a no cost upgrade to its 4G LTE Cell Broadband community in the coming weeks. When upgraded, the XOOM’s 4G LTE connectivity will enjoy speeds nearly ten moments quicker than Verizon Wireless’ 3G network. Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE Mobile phone Broadband community at this time reaches a single-third of all Americans, with strategies to increase the network towards the business’s whole 3G coverage region above the subsequent three a long time.

For performing to the go, the Motorola XOOM supplies continuous connectivity–which include connecting to Gmail or Exchange electronic mail; opening and editing paperwork, spreadsheets and presentations; and viewing calendars and mailing out appointments or meeting notices–with mobile phone broadband speeds. Its cellular hotspot capacity supplies an internet connection for approximately 5 other Wi-Fi-enabled units. Open docs, spreadsheets and displays, edit them using a virtual QWERTY or optional Motorola Bluetooth Wireless keyboard, and ship them spine lightning quickly.

The Motorola XOOM incorporates a wide range of optional accessories to broaden its power and capabilities. The “sensible docks” are now not only an area to cost your system; they make Motorola XOOM a moveable participate in and work station that matches your life-style. The Typical Dock might be applied for watching picture articles or listening to audio through external speakers because the system prices. The Speaker HD Dock makes it possible for you to deliver HD articles directly on your TV SET or blast your tunes devoid of attaching external speakers.

Scenario Of Mobile Industry In India

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge from the time that mobiles were unheard of in India to the present where they have become almost ubiquitous. Beginning from those days, Indian subscribers paid around Rs. 16.40 for a mobile to mobile call and around Rs 32.80 for a mobile to a landline call. Today, as per recent statistics, customers pay far lesser for calls and occasional text messages that add up to around Rs 300 a month and upwards.

Now that mobiles have moved into the affordable bracket, there is a great demand for additional mobile services such as mobiles, email, stock market quotes, and astrology services, just to name a few.

A recent survey pointed to the fact that for most customers, mobile phones have become an extension of their personality. Many go a step ahead to say that mobile phones define their individuality as well.

In such a scenario, it is worthwhile to compare the growth of the mobile phone industry vis-a-vis the computer industry in India. According to recent statistics, there are nearly 300 million mobile phone subscribers as compared to just around 30 million PCs in the country. Additionally, around 8 million subscribers are signing up every month for mobile services alone.

For most individuals, mobile phones are becoming a single point of contact for the world surrounding them covering a wide range of utilities like emailing, entertainment, and banking.

More and more people are looking out for more than just talk time on their mobiles. All this is generating a lot of enthusiasm for mobile companies. A number of serious players in this industry are looking at a range of such value added services, which have the capability to boost their bottom line.

Not only are Indians enthralled, but they started spending a considerable amount on these services too. This figure amounted to around $250 million last year. This figure is expected to reach $1.7 billion by the year 2010. This is a boon in disguise for Indian cellular operators who are seriously looking forward to enhance their revenues. Currently, nearly 80% of the revenues come from services like ring tones and SMS. This makes India the second largest mobile market on earth.

The young mobile savvy generation currently feels less privileged in nearly every sector. And thats precisely what is fuelling the growth in mobile services across the country. As the market expands but fulfilling the needs of mobile users by providing them attractive services, mobile phones are becoming a new vehicle for reaching out to the mobile generation.

Mobile content providers also visualise a big jump in their services. These include many global companies such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, which have signed up with many Indian operators like Airtel, Bharti, Vodafone, Tata, and Reliance Communications. Together, they offer a host of services based on the local and regional markets in their area of operation.

The Indian mobile scenario seems to be all set for the next stage expansion and consolidation, but there are a few complications as well. Not all users can afford costlier services beyond messaging and talk time. What is expected is increase in the already growing user base so such services can become affordable to one and all in the long run.

Mobile Phone Signals Your Partner Is Disloyal

Do you already know what to search for when it involves cell phone signals of the being unfaithful partner? You can find quite a few details which may serve to clue you in that your adoring wife or husband may not be really as adoring as you think. But, what are you and is there something you may do to have all around them?

Imagine it or not you can find lots of warning indicators that the opposite particular person in your marriage equation has anything she or he is actively looking to hide. These sneaky mobile phone selections really are a sure warning that all is just not on the up and up.

one)Constantly clearing cell phone history. If just about every time you select up your spouse’s cell phone the phone and/or textual content concept historical past is really a blank slate there is likely to be something to be concerned about. Either you happen to be married to some super spy who has best key items likely on that nobody else can know about (which in retrospect is a thing to cover) or your wife or husband is attempting to make confident you have no thought who he or she has been calling or who has been making calls for your spouse as well. The nice news is usually that you can find all forms of cell phone tracking systems available on the web and off that can enable you to recuperate this information.

two)Your spouse all of a sudden gets a new mobile phone that’s separate out of your normal calling strategy. If your partner is out of the blue using much more telephone calls than regular and includes a separate plan for phone calls that it is possible to’t observe then it could really very well be considered a indication of problems. It could possibly choose slightly far more get the job done so you can get this telephone when it really is out of sight however it would be well worth it to monitor textual content messages and cell name logs with some of the software program that is staying offered within the industry nowadays.

several)Your husband or wife has produced key adjustments from the way she or he carries on mobile phone conversations. In case your spouse is instantly leaving the room each time the cell phone rings or silencing phone calls that commonly wouldn’t be silenced it may be a sign of difficulty. Any sudden changes in mobile phone behaviour is price noticing and questioning at a time when you’ll find no other folks all-around. It could possibly be quickly explainable or it might be the opening your husband or wife wants to return thoroughly clean. Ignoring the issue or your suspicions will never make both go apart.

Now would be the fantastic time to produce sure these cell phone symptoms of disloyal will not derail your marriage. Should you’ve currently broken up above disloyal or perhaps suspicions it is not far too late to produce points appropriate and get your ex back.

Dangerous Things About Cell Phones

Cellular phones, practically everyone has one. Some even have a couple! I can’t imagine how I can manage deadlines and communicate with my peers or clients without the use of cell phones. However, despite this technological wonder. One should be wary and careful of its dangers. Well the cell phone itself isn’t really dangerous but rather how it’s being misused. Humans are always an enigma, give them a tool to improve themselves and we always manage to screw it up.

1. Do you know that on average the mobile cell phone has more bacteria than your toilet seat (What!?). No kidding, for a device we constantly put in contact with our cheeks it’s a potential colony for millions of bacteria. Now I’m wondering, perhaps because most cell phones have vibrating alerts? Well, researchers explained that this is mainly because mobile phones come in contact more with a lot of different parts compared to toilet seats. More so, these phones are kept in locations like pockets and bags with comfortable temperatures for bacteria to flourish. I guess it’s about time you start shopping for a cheap phone sanitizer huh?

2. Each year, about 21% of fatal car crashes involving teenagers between 16 and 19 involve use cell phones while driving. Kids today, they are just too stubborn to learn. It’s not just kids though, statistics show that almost 50% of drivers between 18 to 24 are texting while driving. What, now adults too? I just couldn’t figure why in the world couldn’t one driver just put his mobile phone aside while driving. The millisecond of distraction caused by misusage of cell phones would be enough to get you in front of the wrong lane then bam!

3. Cell phones are now popular tools to get kinky photos and a gazillion of sex scandals have surfaced and have freely been published on the net because of these mobile phones. No wonder, every guy would always insist to have a camera on their phone and not just any camera, they usually look for mega pixel cameras when they shop. What’s worse, it’s been a lot easier for minors to publish nude photos of themselves in their private rooms because of these mobile phones. So if you have a teenage daughter, I really suggest you take a peek on her phone and make it a rule that while your children are living with you, their phones are not private.

Bottom line, you can potentially get in trouble or worse die because of your cell phone. Yep, sounds too silly it’s almost funny, however if you look at your surrounding and observe people mindlessly chatting and texting away on their cell phones, you can’t help but wonder, is this the beginning of humanity’s end?

Firefly Vs Migo – Choosing A Cell Phone For Your Kid

This article is designed to provide a review and comparison between the two leading kids cell phones: the Firefly and the Migo from LG (the TicTalk will not be discussed). Designed to equip consumers with the latest reviews this article will provide a brief analysis about the pros and cons regarding these two cell phones. Let’s get started….

The Firefly has been out for a while, mid-2005 exposed the Firefly plans and towards Q3 of 2005 the Firefly was coming onto US markets namely on the Cingular network. The GSM enabled handset appealed to the kid audience through parents by offering basic features on a simple phone. The added ‘security’ appealed to parents hence the rush for other manufacturers to produce a similar device. Lo and behold, LG was next inline offering their version called the Migo. The LG VX 1000 Migo is a CDMA enabled handset and operates on the Verizon network.

This article doesn’t look at the practicality of the devices, but compares the two against each other; which device should you buy if you had the choice. Since both operate on different networks this means if you’re already with a carrier your choice may be restricted. As stated, the Firefly operates on the GSM network (T-Mobile, Cingular, Rogers), and the Migo operates on the CDMA network (Verizon, Sprint, Telus? or Bell?). The thing with GSM phones is you could potentially purchase it ‘unlocked’ and activate it on any GSM network provider of your choice. You cannot do the same with CDMA. If you’re purchasing for the first time and will choose between the two networks (Cingular and Verizon in the States) then the rest of this review will help your decision making.

Weighing in at a paltry 56 grams, designed to accommodate smaller hands, the Blue and Pink Firefly measures 1.75 x 3.46 x .79, weighs 2.12 ounces, offers up to 2.5 hours of talk time, and up to 100 hours of standby; a bare bones 850/1900 MHz GSM cell phone that permits parents to limit outgoing calls to certain numbers and also sports ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ buttons for quick dialling.

Conversely, the green Migo measures 1.77 x 3.42 x 1.07 weighs 2.4 ounces, offers 4 hours of talk time, but unfortunately no prepaid options are available with this phone. Network: CDMA; High-Speed Data: 1xRTT; remember, neither phones have Bluetooth, cameras, or any additional features common on regular phones. The phone also shows 5 buttons for quick dialling and emergency dialling.

Pro: Firefly. With the Firefly you can limit who calls your child based on a pre-programmed list. The Migo does not offer this security feature so essentially junior can give the number to friends and get them to call. The Migo only permits 5 programmable outgoing call numbers while the Firefly list enables 20.

Pro: Migo. The Migo works with hearing aids. Also, the second antenna is for eventual GPS support, where that goes we won’t know, but it is an additional feature on the Migo.

Con: Both phones are designed to give the bare phone essentials. However, they are candybar styles, which means the Firefly antenna is located within the phone unit and does not protrude out. This means cellular frequencies are closer to the brain. The question now revolves around how early is too early for exposing kids to cellular frequencies on a regular basis? On one hand you don’t want to risk your child’s health, on the other hand scientific research is still inconclusive when it comes to cell phone ‘radiation’. The juror is still out on this one, be your own judge regarding the health impacts. The Migo’s SAR rating is 0.915 w/kg when held up to the head, below the legal limit of 1.6 w/kg and also below the Firefly’s level of 1.322 w/kg. The Migo antennas are outside of the phone as well.

Conclusion: Both phones offer pretty much the same features and are built in the same way. If you’re on a network already and just want to add a kid phone then it’s Firefly for GSM and Migo for CDMA. Simple. If you’re getting a phone on a new network then it seems the Firefly wins by an edge.

This article did not investigate the durability of the phones because they are both so new (the Migo especially), nor does it look at the sound quality. Both phones are near equal in this respect, however, the Firefly seems to be built stronger and the Migo appears to have marginally better sound in preliminary tests. Remember, a teen will not enjoy these phones for their basic nature, but your young child may benefit from the added security. Firefly seems to offer more in this security detail. So for now, points to Firefly, barely.