best iPhone accessories

There are thousands of gadgets out there for your smartphone, from cases, to headphones, and even touch gloves, however one of the “>”> best iPhone accessories I have seen is the Soundbrix Lego amplifier.

Starting with the appearance, people are immediately drawn in by the bright colors and the Lego design, making it look like a cool iPhone stand. The two silicone pieces look like building blocks and can even be put together and taken apart. However, what makes it such a cool iPhone accessory is that it actually amplifies your iPhone’s sound with no power! Yes, no power, and you have speakers anywhere you go!

Simply turn on the volume on your iPhone, place it in the Soundbrix dock and watch in amazement as the sound increases by 15DB! 15DB with no batteries, power, electricity or cords! Powerless, wireless, portable speakers! Never worry about replacing batteries again, or plugging your speakers in, and they look really cool too.

Soundbrix are so convenient, you can literally use them anywhere due to the fact they run solely off your iPhone making it the best iPhone accessory you will ever buy. Take Soundbrix to the beach, lake or pool. Bring them to the park, a BBQ or a picnic. Kids love them because they can easily throw them in their bags without worrying about breaking them due to the durable construction. They are perfect for locker rooms, dorm rooms and parties. Great for outdoor events such as golf, camping and hiking. You can even hear them from the shower!

Watch in amazement the next time you bring Soundbrix out in public at how many people are intrigued by the gadget and want one of their own cool iPhone accessories. You will be the talk of the social event, and people will ask, “where did you get that at? I want one too.”

Not only can you play music such as Pandora, iTunes, and other music applications while using Soundbrix, you can also use it for videos, FaceTime, and speaker phone calls. Use Soundbrix whenever you are taking a call with several people in the room, and the amplification will allow everyone to hear it 15DBs louder then your original iPhone speakers.

Some people think a gadget as useful as Soundbrix will be an expensive purchase. However, you can have your own for under $20. Cheap iPhone accessories are easy to find, but none are as cool, useful, convenient and portable as Soundbrix iPhone Lego speaker.

John Crook is an experienced author who is working for Sound Brix and best iPhone accessories and iphone related Solutions.