An Overview Of Boost Mobile Prepaid Cell Phones

Boost mobile prepaid cell phones are aimed particularly at the younger market. The content they offer is what sells their phones to younger cell phone users and includes cheap, or free mobile web, numerous downloads and other benefits that are not usually offered by prepaid cell phone providers. The company has been making an impact on the prepaid cell phone and wireless market since 2002 and their head office is located in Irvine California.

One of the biggest attractions of Boost mobile prepaid cell phones is the amount of features and applications that can be downloaded by users. The company offers a number of different plans, so there is something to please almost everyone. The phones work on an iDen network, which is available nationwide, and customers also have access to the Nexters walkie talkie service.

The prepaid call plans that Booster offers include all day10cent calls per minute every day, you can also get unlimited talk plans for just a dollar a day. Wireless web use is available with Booster mobile prepaid cell phones at a cost of thirty five cents for a days use. One of the major let downs of the Boost mobile prepaid cell phone is that compared to other prepaid, the handset is extremely expensive. Those who go for the $1 a day chat plan get unlimited minutes from 9pm to 7am unlimited mobile to mobile use (other Booster and Sprint Nextel clients) and there is no limit on the number of text messages you send on this plan.

Other calls are at the usual rate of 10cents a minute, and there is a dollar a day access fee for all these benefits. If you want an unlimited plan, then Boost will charge you $50 a month and for that you get unlimited text messages, unlimited MMS, walkie talkie and mobile web as well as unlimited voice minutes. If you need their customer service section then that is available via email or phone, however, Boost warns that it could take up to 48hours before you receive a response to an email.

Booster mobile prepaid cell phones also offers text messaging, and it is 10 cents to both send and receive them. It costs 25 cents to both send and receive picture and audio messaging. All messaging is included free on the unlimited plan and on the chat plan, audio and picture messaging is 25 cents but it is free to send and receive text messages. Booster does not charge for roaming calls. In order to keep your pay as you go plan active you have to recharge it within 90 days and if it goes inactive, then you have another sixty days to recharge it, after which the account is terminated.

With Boost mobile prepaid cell phones you get a number of payment options. If you need more minutes than your plan allows then you can get this by charging your credit card or buying a refill card over the phone, online, at designated retail outlets, or some supported ATMs or, based on scheduled charges, automatically. The only significantly negative factor about the Booster service is that the handsets are expensive.