A Good Cell Phone Tracker Application For The Iphone 4g

In this article I’d like to introduce you to a cell phone tracker app by the name of iLocalis. There are two options to choose from when sign up for iLocalis. You can choose between two payment options when utilizing iLocalis. One will cost you $7.00 every year and the other will cost you $20.00 every year.

The favorite of the mobile locating programs made for Apple’s cell phone is called Find My iPhone. Definitely one pitfall with Find My iPhone is going to be that you have to join a service known as MobileMe and pay $99.00 every year.

This popular new mobile locator tool is more than just a cell phone locator app. Keep in mind that there are many more aspects that premium members can use than are available for regular members. Among the benefits associated with to being a standard member will be that it’s possible to monitor the location of your respective cell phone with any computer. Additionally you can quite easily broadcast instructions to your iPhone designed to enable it to place a remote call. You can also use iLocalis to send a transmission to your cellular phone that will actually force it to broadcast a remote SMS text message.

Premium memberships provide more elements to this innovative app and one of them is the option to lock the unit with a code to circumvent any unauthorized use. This is a very useful feature and it’s worth paying the extra money so you can use it. Should you lose your cell phone, this should be the first thing you do to hinder people from looking through your sensitive files.

When you don’t think you’ll ever have any possibility getting your iPhone back, you should probaly broadcast a code through iLocalis that will thoroughly wipe your iPhone clean. This means that it will clean off all the information stored on the device. This amazing element of the app is not able to be reversed which means that you should never do it except when there isn’t any possibility of getting the phone back.

There are other useful parts of iLocalis that make it worth using but I will not be going into them right now. You need to know that if you decide to take advantage of this app, you need to execute a process generally known as Jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone simply means that you do some things effectively removing the lock on the operating system making it so you can install unauthorized apps on your Apple cell phone.