Top Rated Science Toys For Christmas 2011

Bugs may disgust you but your young ones often find these creepy crawlies quite fascinating. For such brave hearts, Summit Toys has manufactured the Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum. This wonderful toy will suck in the bugs into a transparent plastic capsule and the budding scientists can later view them through a built-in magnifyingglass in the capsule. The kids can then check the internet for more information about the insects. With this toy, the kids can explore the insect world. This toy is one of the top rated science toys for Christmas 2011.

Not all bugs are disgusting some of them are attractive like the LiveButterflyGarden byInsect Lore. This kit lets your child observe the various stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly in person. Watching the weird caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly is anexperience kids are not likely to forget. This science kit is one of the hottest selling science toys of the year and will definitely make an excellent Christmas gift for 2011.
The Little Labs Stepping into Science Set is a fantastic science toy for a youngster that encourages an interest in nature and science among children. With 25 interesting experiments, this toy is the best example of learning is fun. It assists children in investigating and exploring the mysteries of science. This toy by Thames Kosmos is currently among the top rated science toys for Christmas 2011 and is one of the best toys you can give to your child.

Snap Circuits by Elenco is the most suitable Christmas gift for those kids who show a keen interest in electronics. It is available in different difficulty levels; Jr. SC 100 for beginners, SC 300 for those who have progressed from the junior stage, Pro SC-500 continues to advance your child, and Extreme SC-750 is for the advanced learners. With these programmable kits and well laid out circuit diagrams, your child can gain first hand practical knowledge about circuits and their workings. There are various experiments and your child will certainly learn new things while having fun. Well-constructed and innovative, the Snap Circuits stand tall among the top rated Science toys for Christmas 2011.

Kids fascination with Volcanoes never ends; maybe that is why Toysmith Volcano Making Kit is so popular among kids. After making the volcano the kids can paint it and then watch it erupt.

Scientific Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists is one of the top rated science toys for Christmas 2011. This award winning toy is highly recommended by teachers and parents both. The children can perform various exciting experiments some of which need adult supervision. This kit does not contain any hazardous chemicals. Challenging and fun; this kit is really mind blowing and kids can learn a lot from it.


Science toys promote the love of science among children. The various toys and kits are designed in such an interesting way that they make learning science easy, fun and enable the kids to grasp the basic concepts. Theymake children inquisitive and encourage them to learn more about the marvels of science.

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