Technology Blessing or Curse

We live in the world of continuing advancement, a world full of technological advancements. Technologies like cars, laptops, cell-phones, cameras, observation systems, mobile audio, Televisions, Digital media, tech accessories, name it. We’ve been relying all of these…

Technology can be considered both a blessing and a curse, depending on whom you ask. It is a blessing for the vast majority of humans since it does make us more reliable and efficient to do whatever it is that we have to do at a faster pace than norm. We can communicate with our friends and family anywhere around the globe through the use of cell phones and/or email. We can travel by the use of car, airplane, trains, and ships. Students and non-students alike can research all the information needed to complete their schoolwork or variable projects on the Internet. These are just some of the mere examples of what technology has done for us today. It’s the advancement and innovations that intrigues us. What a blessing!

Most of us see technology as an advancement to enhance our future; others beg to differ. As with everything in life, there is always a positive and a negative side. In particular, I honestly think that technology has impaired or affected our kids education, back in the older days we did not have much in terms of technology and a TV set was considered the “in thing”. Alternative fun was reading or playing outside, now everyone seems disengaged from themselves and society because of the constant attachment to devices like computers (Chat) and Multimedia cell-phones (Messenger). No one bothers to make the effort to communicate in person or face-to-face anymore, society is now devoid of human interaction and emotions and if something is not done about it soon, we may as well consider ourselves meaningless robots. There is no escaping technology and what it entails, it is here to stay and the only thing one can do is to embrace it, or not. Its quite interesting who embraces and who doesnt. I find that the baby boomers are somewhat hesitant to embrace something simple as a computer but they will buy the nicest and fastest cars that are fully equipped with all sorts of gadgets short of a rocket launcher.

It is also a curse for us. Why? Because students are mainly addicted to the use of Internet and the various social networking sites and online games, they tend to focus more on the Internet games than studying or completing their lessons. Additionally, their eyes could be damaged from the constant glare of screens or monitors from staring at them for extended periods. Technology could also harm the environment, like the improper disposal of used and expired tech devices such as computer CRT monitors and TV sets. Where the economy is concerned, it does take away jobs, how helpful is it to know that you as an employee, have now been replaced by a robot or some form of technological machinery in the state that the worldwide economy is in? And of course, I could go on and on.

As a conclusion: Technology can be considered both a blessing and curse. How about you, what’s your opinion? Do you think technology is a blessing or a curse?