Android 2.3 Platform Multimedia Enhancements

Android 2.3 comes with rich multimedia capabilities that will thrill both the common users and the Android developers. With features like mixable audio effects, support for new media formats, access to multiple cameras, the new media framework offers a versatile multimedia experience. Android mobile applications can take advantage of these new and advanced Android 2.3 capabilities to offer a vivid multimedia ecosystem. Outsource Android development team can make use of these various features to enhance the complete multimedia experience.

Audio mixing

Android 2.3 is loaded with a new audio effects API. Android developers can utilize this API to create vivacious audio environments. Audio effects API allow developers to configure audio equalization, bass boost, headphone virtualization, etc. Multiple audio effects can be mixed in a local track or can be applied across multiple tracks globally.

New media formats support

Capturing high-quality audio is feasible with Android 2.3 platform through its support of AAC encoding and AMR wideband encoding in software. Further, support is in-built for VP8 open video compression format and WebM open container format. This support provided by Android 2.3 is expected to set standards for high-definition video playback. WebM lets users to play videos on Web sites like YouTube in the Android Web browser.

Usage of multiple cameras

Android 2.3 comes with the upgraded Camera API allowing the Android developer access to multiple cameras present on the Android device. Android developers can query the Android 2.3 platform regarding the number of cameras on the device and their specific characteristics and then choose to open a particular camera. This allows developers to utilize available resources depending on requirements such as using the back-facing camera with higher quality resolution for taking high-quality photographs or using the front-facing camera with lower quality resolution for video conferencing. The front-facing camera too now can shoot and record videos.

New media framework

This new media framework in Android 2.3 platform now replaces the Open Core whilst maintaining all the older codec/container support for encoding and decoding. Some amount of support is available for extra large display devices like tablets and TVs, e.g., if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android 2.3 platform will let you make more use of the extra large screen the way Google wants you to. The 2.3 platform supports video chat as well, although to use video chat on tablets, you need to install extra software add-ons. Multitasking allows the users to run simultaneous multimedia sessions such as sending mails, updating spreadsheets and watching favorite videos.

Cell Phone Phone Recorder – Simply Record Cell Mobile phone Calls

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Protection options abound, as well. Recording files are subject matter to recording checksum to assure non-violation and unauthorized usage. Visual and audio sensors can also be utilized, supplying an alarm notification in the function of illegitimate use or access. Dwell monitoring availability can be tiered based on successive layers of administrative rights, so that only particular officials are privy to the most sensitive or confidential conversations. In summation, program administrators can draw on a amount of readily available resources to accentuate their phone voice recording platform and make it virtually ironclad versus improper accessibility and

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Guaranteeing public security and emergency preparedness hinge on getting comprehensive ways to readiness and contingency setting up. And, whether or not a personal security firm or a nearby police department, entirely trustworthy entry to mobile phone and telecommunication information is crucial for preparing any emergency response approach. A digital phone recording suite can provide supervisors and planners with 1st responding agencies the indicates for education dispatchers and citizen support agents, monitoring ongoing response efforts, and capturing and maintaining comprehensive logs and files for every single and just about every conversation had.

Voice recording techniques can be tailored to match any public security entity or non-public security firm’s demands. Officials can keep and transfer audio files to several locations via email and/or FTP. They can archive files to DVDs, CDs, and/or flash drives for easy portability. Redundant energy provides and RAID tricky disk compatibility be certain seamless operate even through electric power blackouts and other emergency situations. Moreover, telephone recorder API’s can be integrated with database repositories for automated call storage and sorting, and reporting. These are critical customizations for readily available for all end users.

Safety features abound, too. Recording files are subject matter to recording checksum to be certain non-violation and unauthorized usage. Visual and audio sensors can also be used, delivering an alarm notification in the function of illegitimate use or access. Are living monitoring availability can be tiered based mostly on successive layers of administrative rights, so that only particular officials are privy to the most delicate or confidential conversations. In summation, technique administrators can draw on a quantity of readily available tools to accentuate their phone voice recording platform and make it just about ironclad from improper accessibility and usage.

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How to File Your House Cell phone Conversations

Evolution of Android Apps development in the mobile application market

The current market of android app is growing and giving tremendous changes, which are gaining appreciation from users all over the world. The applications are very easy to handle which is a greatest advantage among all others. It is also dominating other mobile application development market because it one on the popular mobile application development platform offering open source framework. It has also bought various excellent opportunities for developers, marketers and traders.


The users are enjoying various benefits ranging from adventurous games to innovative applications. Android Apps Development has also brought very innovative and useful apps which are based on outstanding technologies. Since, it is based on Java programming language which is one such language that is common among all the developers and most of the people are familiar with it. Thus, it has become quite easier to develop games using android. Users are getting amazing experiences of gaming on devices such Tablet and Smartphones. All kinds of games are enjoying games such as action, puzzle, sports and many more.

Google and Openn Handset Alliance are offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) which is available at free ofcost. The SDK is comprised of all information, tools, API libraries, build, test and other debug applications which are meant for Android. The market of this smart operating system is giving a very tough competition to Apple’s products. Since, it is a product of Google it is exerting remarkable influence on developers and all the users. The biggest advantage is that a Android Apps Developer can modify it as per the type of framework and can develop various apps for serving various industry verticals.

There are many amazing benefits that a Android platform extends such as it helps in reducing the developmental costs. The reason being is that it is an open-source technology and there are many companies in the market that is targeting Android apps development. With the growing demand of the users, the Google is also bringing amazing features which are making it more exceptional. Currently, a revolutionary change has been introduced that the user can remotely change the password of their Android devices.

Android has a platform which has a good collection of libraries which can be used to demonstrate the potential of Android. Since, it can be easily customized, therefore, it is also very easy to use by the developers too. The Android market is serving lots of industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, advertising and many more. There are a few basic functionality of Android OS which includes user interface, widgets, camera, Wi-Fi direct, Multitasking, Folders, Network data monitoring and there are many more. Thus, there are many Android phones which are getting highly popular such as HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, T-Mobile, MyTouch 4G and others.

As per the demand of people and with the advancement of technologies, there will be more and more devices introduced and they will have outstanding features.