Reasons Why The Electronic Dog Chaser Is Effective

Having problems with aggressive dogs in the neighborhood? While some dogs are friendly enough to touch and play with and others nonchalant enough to ignore, there are some that are rather worrisome. Some dogs are untrained or not used to human presence. In some cases, you just might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank goodness there’s the electronic dog chaser, a handy device that helps deter an attack from an aggressive dog. But just how effective is it?

How it works
The electronic dog chaser is a handheld device that was designed to be used on dogs, cats and a host of other feral animals. The device emits high frequency sounds, also known as ultrasonic waves.

Dogs’ hearing abilities are far superior than humans in that they are capable of sensing aurally certain high frequency sounds — sounds that no longer register with the human ear. That is why dogs can find certain sounds annoying that humans may not even be aware of.

Ultrasonic waves that come from the electronic dog chaser produces discomfort in dogs and other animals. As a result, they tend to shrink away from the source of the sound, stop in their tracks or even run away.

The high frequency waves emitted by the electronic dog chaser ranges from 20,000Hz to about 25,000Hz, way above the hearing range of the average human.

Is it effective?
The electronic dog chaser has been proven to be quite effective in stopping or deterring dog attacks. In fact, many people have chosen it as a humane way of protecting themselves from aggressive dogs and wild animals. It has also proven itself useful for dog training.

Is it safe?
The electronic dog chaser is a non-lethal device, both to dogs and humans. It will cause discomfort in dogs and is an excellent temporary tool to stop dog attacks.

Be careful, though. If you expect to encounter aggressive dogs, there are certain situations (albeit rare) where the electronic dog chaser may not be effective. It cannot, for example, work against deaf dogs. Since a hearing impaired dog cannot process the sounds, the ultrasonic waves coming from the gadget will not work their magic.

The electronic dog chaser also runs on batteries. Fresh batteries will assure you of constant protection, so it pays to ensure that you’re not walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood with a tool that doesn’t have sufficient power to prevent a wild animal attack.