Novel Christian Dior Lavish Cell Phone

In today’s time where everybody is on the steady move and desires to be very active and speedy in whatever they do. Newest and hi-tech electronic gadgets turn out to be friends and companions for them. Today mobile phones is not just a way to communicate with someone, but has evolved as a key approach declaration to full time servants assisting in each and every day to day activity. Now no one can even think of without a cell phone today.

These days no one can memorize when was the previous time we purchased a pen, tape recorder, music system or a radio. We are so familiar to the new mechanical age which has latest and hi-tech mechanical and electronic cargo and has not directly reduced the time and energy of the human beings. Human beings have reached a phase where all actions will be performed by the simply push of a button.

The new Christian Dior lavish phone is very stunning and outstanding. It will be in the market by December. It is gold plated with encrusted sapphire crystals. The cost price of this newest Christian Dior luxury mobile phone starts at 6,500 $. You can even order diamond studded model priced at 7,900- 13,400 $ each.

All the new Christian Dior luxury cell phones will come in Clamshell phones in which two will be gold plated with black PVD coating and covered with sapphire crystals. These two gadgets will be priced at 6,500$ each.

Christian Dior’s other two handsets will be coated with diamonds and are called Zelie and a white one called Zenaide.

The last Christian Dior magnificent cell phone was cased in mother of pearl and is the Christian Dior Naicre with a cost of 8,700 $. The Bluetooth headset sapphire piece with either black or white jewels is priced at 470.00 $ and was released in stores in September.

In addition Christian Dior luxury cell phone section offers a small phone that can be used alone or in tandem via with Bluetooth technology that works within a 15 meter radius of the full sized model.

So, rush up and reserve this most recent luxury phone by Christian Dior.