New Unlimited Flat Rate Anytime Mobile Phone Service Compare Zoom Mobile Service Now

I have been watching some market trends lately that provide significant opportunity to prosper from and with the global economy such as it is these days, trends that show profitability are worth taking note of.

The money trend that has been showing a lot of growth for a number of months now is mobile services. Cell phones and cell phone companies that provide flat rate unlimited service plans and plans that are pay as you go ( widely known as PAYG service ) or prepaid calling plans are a trending services opportunity. Smartphone app downloads are another huge growth industry option to profit from.

Many smartphone users have experienced huge cell phone bills largely due to exceeding data caps. The major network carriers common data limitations are set for monthly cell phone service at 5g per month, exceed this and you are in for a shock. Mobile phone service plans that are more common to European subscribers than here in the United States, are the PAYG and prepaid plans.

It is not uncommon that many pay as you go plans have high per minute fees, should you exceed your service plan limits. An alternative to these types of mobile service plans are new on the cell phone scene and they not only provide superior services ( unlimited anytime calls USA, Canada & Puerto Rico, plus unlimited text and data.) No contract required, nor deposit and of course no credit check as the service is month to month and no early cancellation fee.

Along with the feature rich services provided ( contract agreements with major network carriers on the 3G network ), you can decide if you would like to be a customer or a reseller of the service. In either case you have the benefit of referring 3 new customer activations and your service plan is free. Refer three monthly service plans same as your mobile phone service plan, [or better] and you will not have to pay another monthly mobile phone bill again.

There are four monthly service plans to choose from starting with unlimited calls, and unlimited calls and text, unlimited calls, text and data, unlimited calls, text, data and tethering. Tethering feature for the service gives you the capability to use your smartphone as a wifi hotspot and eliminate the need for an air card. Simply start the tethering application on your smartphone and then connect your laptop to the internet-with broadband speeds.

For anyone interested in becoming an independent representative the other trend that is so important for you to be able to grow your business and increase sales without having to go out and sell mobile phone service plans is to activate a marketing campaign on the largest social media video sharing web site on the internet, YouTube. Having an advertising campaign for your business is easy and very affordable. YouTube advertising campaigns are new and the second trend I mentioned earlier in this article.

The advertising packages on YouTube work for any business that would like to receive inbound calls, sell more products or services and recruit more distributors. If you have some interest in unlimited flat rate mobile phone service, becoming a customer or a reseller and you would like to know more about either the company, service or advertising on YouTube, then stop by our blog for more information and give us a call today.