My iPhone 3GS is working again

Good luck!My iPhone is working perfectly again for about 80% less than exchanging for a new unit at the apple store.Thanks to using the for iPhone 3gs replacement lcd screen,I replaced it by myself. I read the directions carefully, including the advice to test it before peeling the paper off of the permanent adhesive. Only on my fourth time reassembling the phone did I have everything perfect. So I took it apart one more time, peeled the adhesive, and permanently put it back together. Works like new.But it is not easy to make it for me, because I’had never deal with it. I just followed the dealing with Youtube video.It was really cool to take the iPhone apart and see the remarkably tiny components and connectors that make it work. It was even cooler when I got it working again.

I suppose there was about a 30% chance that I would break something and be unable to get it working again. If that had happened I would have given fewer stars and paid Apple $190 to trade my broken unit for a new one. I would have paid $30 or so to play with the insides of an iPhone.In a word, using cell phone replacement repair parts to fix our phones is more convenient, saving more time and money.

I’m also investing in a better protective cover so it doesn’t get broken again!

Best wishes for a successful project.