Mobistealth Spy Software – Features Of Cell Phone Spy Software

Mobistealth spy software is cell phone monitoring software that is used to keep track of mobile phone activities on Android and Blackberry mobile phone operating systems.

The way Mobistealth spy software works is that a person installs this android spy software on mobile phone having any OS version of Android or Blackberry. This could be downloaded and installed on cell phone by using simple web browser (Opera Mini, Safari, Google Android, etc). This spy app works invisibly and begin to monitor different kind of cell phone activities like phone call, call logs, incoming, outgoing SMS messages, GPRS, GPS location, browser and internet bookmark history etc and then secretly uploads all the information to an internet account on Mobistealth server. The person installed this Mobistealth cell phone spy software can easily grab all the activities recorded on Blackberry or Android cell phone by logging into their account using any internet connected device.

Here is list of prominent activities that are recorded by this software.

Record and listen to Calls
This feature is available only on GSM networks and enables some one to secretly record all calls made from/to specific numbers on the Blackberry or Android mobile phone. The recorded calls are then upload to the particular account on MobiStealth server.

On Demand Surround Recording (Remote Monitoring)
This incredible MobiStealth cell phone spyware feature will enable you to remotely monitor all deliberations and noises within particular premises of Android or Blackberry cell phone. To enable this feature, you just need to send a simple secret SMS on the cell having this android spy software, which will then activate the recording. After completion, recording will be secretly uploaded to you account.

Pictures and Videos Monitoring
This cell phone spy software will secretly grab all the images and videos that are stored on your targeted cell phone and will upload on your account. By this way you can easily monitor any multimedia activity on you kid, spouse, employee cell phone.

GPS Tracking and Alternative Location Retrieval Method
With this GPS tracking you can easily monitor the location of cell phone and alternative location retrieval system let you monitor the nearest mobile phone tower if GPS is off or unavailable. So MobiStealth can provide you location of the cell phone in all circumstances and record the coordinates secretly with predefined interval to show you the movement of that cell phone. To advance this feature on demand location information is also available in this cell phone spy software and you can get instant location by a secret SMS.

Text Message (SMS) Logging
By this android cell phone spy software you can easily monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, even if they are deleted instantaneously after being read.

Call History
This feature will enable your to record all incoming and outgoing call history logs, in addition this will also associate the name of that number stored in mobile phone address book. With this call history you can also view the exact duration of the call

Data Security and privacy
Data communication is highly secured between cell phone and MobiStealth server and is secured using the industry standard encryption methods. So, no need to worry about data security and privacy.

SIM Change Notification
This feature is only available on GSM enabled cell phones. When someone changes the SIM, this spy software will send a notification through SMS to a predefined phone number and this notification can be set multiple times through Mobistealth website.